Five Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Laundry Room



To be honest, nobody pays that much attention to your laundry room. But, even though it might not be the most important space in your home, you spend a significant amount of time in it. If you want to avoid a sense of drudgery when doing those daily tasks and make your laundry room an attractive feature of your home, we have some tips for you.



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First, you’ll want to picture how would you like your laundry room to look. The best way would be to draw a design that works the best for you. If you can’t do it by yourself, Nelson Cabinetry offers a free 3D design. It will help you visualize it better, and also think about the next important elements, such as appliance size, storage space, counter space, etc.




The main reason you have a laundry room is, of course, to have a space for your washing machine and dryer. Be sure to design your laundry room around those appliances. You wouldn’t want to move your connections and sockets if you decide to redesign your laundry room. Also, if you want to save some space, consider buying your washer and dryer so that they can be stacked or find the size that can fit under your counter.


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→Tip: Washing machines and dryers come in many sizes, so remember to leave some space around them. It will help you if you ever decide to switch them out.




In all honesty, the laundry room is never just a space for your machines. We all keep a bunch of other stuff there. For this reason, you’ll want to have plenty of storage. Big vertical closets, walk-in shaker style pantry cabinet, and a lot of shelving are a must. Cabinets are also especially useful. They serve as a safe place to store detergent pods or bleach, which is important especially if you have kids or pets around. Quality cabinetry not just looks good, but also adds to the visual appeal of your room.

You’ll want to have a lot of worktop space as well. This space is needed for clothing and cleaning supplies, baskets, etc. Some of the best countertop materials for your laundry room include granite, quartz, or porcelain tiles.

The layout of your laundry room is also very important for avoiding clutter. with a smart layout, you’ll be able to move around effortlessly and avoid getting frustrated.


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→Tip: Avoid installing carpets in your laundry room area. Use ceramic tiles, concrete, or laminate instead.




Wall cabinets are a big advantage. They don’t take up much floor space, but still, give you plenty of storage. Here you can see gray and white collections of cabinets that Nelson Cabinetry offers in various sizes.


Base cabinets usually offer more space than wall ones but they also take up more space. One thing you can do is to place them under your counter area. Take a look at these Nelson Cabinetry base cabinets and choose the one that’s best for you.


Cupboards are another option for your walls if you want a more open look. They can also give your laundry room a little extra style.

Laundry Baskets are indispensable in a laundry room. You can keep them inside the cabinets. But if you want to add a touch of style to your laundry room, keep them on your countertop area, on the floor, under the countertops, etc.


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When it comes to lighting, the best option is to have windows, if possible. Instead of fake, rough lighting, you can just open your windows and let the natural light in. Also, opening those windows lets you let fresh air in, and the smell of dirty laundry out.





The laundry room is functional but can also be stylish. Work with your existing home’s theme. For example, if your home design is more on the modern side then bring that style to your laundry room. If it’s more of a farmhouse style, do the same in your laundry room. Different rugs, curtains, baskets, etc, can do a lot in terms of decoration. Flowers can add a decorative touch while giving the air a pleasant scent.

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Choosing Nelson Cabinetry cabinets for your laundry room means you’re investing in high-quality, durable cabinetry that will last many years. Visit Nelson Cabinetry for online cabinetry design and learn more about our products.