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Five Best Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2021

If you’re looking to add extra oomph to your kitchen remodel, an interesting kitchen backsplash will do just that. The backsplash has evolved from a wall protectant to the centerpiece of a kitchen’s design. While tiles are often the material of choice for kitchen backsplashes, there is a wide selection of alternative finishes available. From glass to brick, there is no limit to the patterns, styles, and textures that are on offer to homeowners. In 2021, kitchen backsplashes are designed to make a big impression. Here are the five most coveted backsplash trends in the 21st century that will make your kitchen stand out in the best kind of way.  


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Subway Tiles in Bigger Sizes  

The standard 3” x 6” subway tile is no longer the mainstay of kitchen backsplashes. While immensely practical, it no longer satisfies the need for visual experimentation sought by modern homeowners. As a result of increased customer demand, larger-sized subway tiles have become more popular in current times. Homeowners thereby get the best of both worlds – the practicality and polished aesthetic of the subway tile mixed with the drama of its enlarged size.  

Larger-sized tiles are well-liked because they give your kitchen a tranquil look,  require minimal maintenance due to fewer grout lines, make smaller kitchens appear more spacious, and produce a cohesive aesthetic when the backsplash is extending all the way to the ceiling.  


Image source: Pinterest

Elongate the Backsplash to the Ceiling  

Contemporary kitchen designs have seen the backsplash extend all the way from the countertop right up to the ceiling, as opposed to traditionally stretching from the kitchen countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinets. In the absence of wall cabinets, the backsplash would be still placed in the same position it would have been in if the wall cabinets were present.  

Countertop-ceiling kitchen backsplash has become more commonplace in kitchen design as open shelving gains popularity. It draws the eye to the  backsplash as a centerpiece, highlights its texture, pattern, and color, unites the  design features in the area in which it is located, serves as an attractive backdrop to your kitchen work area, and makes the kitchen appear more spacious by opening up additional wall space.  


Image source: Pinterest

Geometrical Patterns  

Ordinary and bland kitchen countertops call for a visually exciting backsplash.  A neutral tile just won’t make the cut when you want to make a splash (excuse the pun!). The easiest way to add drama and intrigue to your kitchen backsplash is to play around with different geometrically shaped and patterns tiles. Current trends in tile patterns and layout include laser-cut tile designs, hexagonal,  Moroccan fish scales, herringbone, and chevron tiles. 


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To balance the ornateness of the patterned backsplash, the rest of the kitchen should subscribe to a minimalist style. This reduces the risk of designing an over-embellished kitchen that ends up being one big eyesore. A combination of white kitchen cabinets and muted countertops will, therefore, do best to emphasize the striking geometry of the backsplash.  


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Textured Finishes 

Add texture to your backsplash by selecting porcelain or ceramic tiles. Texture gives the backsplash an added facet that holds one’s attention. If you want a  distinctive but subtly textured backsplash, then a mirrored or metallic finish would be the most obvious choice.  

A mirrored finish creates a shiny surface that reflects the natural light in your kitchen. By elongating your mirrored backsplash to the ceiling, the entire kitchen will be illuminated. For those who are not the biggest fans of glossy finishes, a metal backsplash should tickle your fancy. Metallic tiles are constructed to mimic the appearance and feel of solid metal. This provides your kitchen with an inherent feeling of strength. A wide range of metallic treatments, finishes, and hues are also available to kitchen renovators.  


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Quartzite and Marble Slabs 

Go against the grain, and select a solid slab of marble or quartzite as a kitchen backsplash. You can even choose a matching slab or two for your countertops to create a uniform design. Slabs differ from tiles because they possess no breaks and form one large, flat, and thick piece of stone. 

Marble slab kitchen backsplashes are favored for their one-of-a-kind veining that is unique to each piece, the wide variety of hues and veining patterns available, and the easiness of cleaning a continuous surface area.  



A spectacular backsplash stands out more with premium cabinetry as a  backdrop. Call Nelson Cabinetry today at 832-998-6598 for a FREE  consultation on cabinets that will make your kitchen backsplash become a trending topic.


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