Some Differences to Tell a Vanity Apart from a Cabinet

As you’re exploring the bathroom remodeling glossary, you may come across terms that interior designers use frequently. Even if they might mean almost the same thing, a vanity and a cabinet are two slightly different things. 

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According to its definition, the bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and extra storage around it. Besides storage, it also serves to hide exposed plumbing so as to keep things looking neater and tidier.
While bathroom vanities are very efficient for hiding the plumbing, they may not have enough storage. In some cases, the bathroom vanity will include a nice-sized cabinet or even a wall-to-wall configuration. But, what is the difference between vanity and kitchen cabinets? While the style and installation may seem identical to kitchen cabinets,
there are some significant differences.
→ Kitchen cabinets are usually 24″ deep. Bathroom vanities are 21″deep. They can be even shallower if your bathroom is smaller. They also tend to be shorter, around 30″ to 34″ high, in contrast to standard 36″ kitchen cabinet height. But remember that you can always customize the size and height that works the best for your bathroom. 
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And what about vanity design? There are some things to consider when choosing one which will fit your bathroom design the best;
  • Size

This will depend on the space you’re working with. Is your bathroom more on the smaller or the larger side? A smaller bathroom benefits more from vanities that are low-profile. Those are usually floating bathroom vanities. They give you the illusion of having a bigger space, plus the extra space beneath the vanity.
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  • Sinks

First of all, decide how many sinks do you want. If you’re interested in having two sinks, you’ll want your vanity to be at least 60″ wide. Nelson Cabinetry’s 60″ Vanity with Drawers cabinet is 34.5″ tall and available in two different options: Double Sink or Center Sink. Plus, you’ll still have some extra countertop space for your storage. 
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  • Use

Most of all, whether you choose a vanity or a cabinet will depend on use. Think about how much use this particular bathroom gets. If you want a powder room vanity, your needs will be different than for a bathroom that is located along a small hall. . The more frequently you use that bathroom, the more you will have to think about storage capacity and maintenance.

Now that you learn the main differences, take a look at the quality, A-grade plywood vanities offered by Nelson Cabinetry. The features include a wood frame box, soft close glides, and easy assembly. These high-quality, ready-to-assemble cabinets are shipped in flat packs and product quality is guaranteed. Nelson Cabinetry’s Shaker Collection bathroom vanity cabinets are built to last, and also are made to give your kitchen that classic, timeless look. 




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