Do you have an overview of how to accept and inspect delivery?


Once your order has arrived at the carrier’s location in your area, one of their representatives will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time.

We recommend that at least 2 people be present at time of delivery since our cabinets are solid and heavy!

There should be no external damage to the packages. You are responsible for inspecting the freight for external damage while the driver is still present.  

In the event of damage, you must make note with the delivery driver. Please note the damage on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.  If parts appear to be missing please contact us immediately. We will ship any missing part(s) in a timely manner. Inspection consists of boxes that show obvious breakage, tears or rips in the outer packaging.

If you find any freight damage after the driver leaves it is your responsibility to file a claim with the freight company.

If the delivery driver refuses your inspection of shipment, please note the following on the delivery receipt:
“POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE, DRIVER WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EXAMINE FREIGHT” then sign where required. We recommend taking a photo of this signed portion for your records.

Acceptance of shipment and signing the delivery receipt by you or your representative/s is an acknowledgment that your merchandise was delivered in a satisfactory condition and you are releasing the freight company and from all damage claims.

How is my order being shipped?

Nelson Cabinetry will ship all orders in the timeliest manner possible, anywhere in the Continental United States that has normal access and does not require special handling to reach the site. The company is not responsible nor liable for any delays in the shipping of your product due to transportation delays, weather issues, or any unforeseen delays that are out of our control. The shipping lead-time will depend on which cabinet style purchased and the destination zip code. Generally we ship within 7 business days of receipt and shipping can take anywhere from 5-15 days depending on location and size of cabinets.

Most items are shipped using a third party shipping company (UPS, FedEx, National Freight Carrier, etc.) that is not affiliated in any way with Nelson Cabinetry. The destination must have “normal access” (accessible by a 53’ semi) and must be within the continental United States. Deliveries include one attempt by the shipping company to deliver the product to the customers. An individual of 18 years or older needs to be present to accept the products. If for any reason the customer is unavailable to accept the order and the product is undeliverable under any circumstances, the customer will be responsible for any extra shipping and handling costs.

It is the customers reasonability to prepare a clean, dry, and accessible area to accept the cabinets. The products will not be unloaded into the home but, rather drop shipped to the garage only. If no garage is available, curbside unloaded is the next available option. Once the products are delivered, it is the customers responsibility to make sure the order is complete, and all items are received. The driver will not unpack the cabinet boxes due to time restrictions; however, if a cabinet box appears to be damaged you may ask to remove the cabinet for further inspection. If you detect any missing items or damaged items from the shipment, you must document them in writing on the paperwork provided by the driver. SEE NOTES ABOVE RE: Accepting the Delivery.

Nelson Cabinetry is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs during shipment, thus it is crucial that you report any visible damage to in the presence of the carrier representative. Damages caused during shipping are not covered under the warranty. All damaged items must be reported within 7 (seven) days after the product has been delivered. Please make sure to take clear photos showing any damage.

What do I need to do on delivery besides unload the cabinets/accessories?

It is extremely important that you do a piece count and make sure all ordered pieces are there (unless you’ve been informed of any back order stock items). Some pieces may be packaged together, i.e. crown molding, fillers, etc. If you can, open any accessory boxes while the driver is there to make sure all pieces are accounted for, if you’re not able to, mark the Bill of Lading (BOL – shipping paperwork that the driver has) that you weren’t able to verify the piece count in that specific box. If there is anything missing, it must be noted on the BOL. Make sure to get a copy of the BOL with the driver’s signature and that the driver has a copy noting any shortages, we will need a copy sent to us to process your replacement order. If shortages are not noted on the BOL, we will not be able to reship these items free of charge.

In addition to doing a piece count, you want to check each box for visible damage. The trucking company is required to let you check the outside of each box. You do not need to open each box, just check over the outside for cracks, dents, holes, etc… If the driver tells you they will not wait for you to check over the boxes, call the trucking company and explain that you need to note any visible damage on the BOL and the driver is giving you a hard time (this is not very common). The number to the trucking company will be on the BOL. The boxes are checked in the warehouses before being shipped out, however, as soon as the trucking company picks up your order, they are responsible for any damages that occur in transit and will only approve replacements if the damages are noted on the shipping paperwork (Bill of Lading – BOL) on your delivery.

What is a curbside, end-of-truck delivery?

If shipping to a residential address, it is a curbside, end of truck delivery. Curbside, meaning the delivery will be made either at the curb or in your driveway, depending on what the driver deems the easiest and safest way to deliver your order. End of truck, meaning the driver is only responsible for moving the pallet to the end of the truck. From that point, it is the customer’s responsibility to unload the pallet piece by piece (NOTE: this is a perfect time to do a piece count and inspect each box for damage).

What is a lift gate?

The liftgate is like an 'elevator' on the back of the freight truck that lowers the pallet onto the curb. You would then unload the pallet from the curb as opposed to the back of the truck. Certain orders will not be able to use a lift gate due to the size of the pallets used for delivery. If your order is able to utilize a lift gate, it will be automatically included on your delivery free of charge!

Will I be able to accept my delivery by myself?

Many cabinets will be very large and heavy (in excess of 50 lbs) so having 1 or 2 additional people to help is highly recommended. The delivery drivers work for the freight companies (not and for insurance purposes, are not able to assist in unloading any cabinets so he or she would not be able to help during this process.