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Facts You Should Know Before Choosing an L Shaped Kitchen




Optimal kitchen layout sets your kitchen’s functionality into stone. Renovating for the first time or buying a home requires the same kitchen planning. If you’re going with an L-shaped kitchen, Nelson cabinets have all the information you will need.



Kitchen designs and layouts have changed a lot in the last 100 years. With a variety of layouts, designing an ideal kitchen is a lot easier now. And talking about layouts, an L-shaped kitchen is a very popular choice for homeowners who want a simple kitchen with a little twist. An L-Shaped kitchen layout isn’t all that perfect for big kitchens. If your kitchen is of decent medium or small size, we’re looking forward to walking you through the facts.


What makes an L-shaped kitchen

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels


  • The versatile L-shaped kitchen consists of countertops along two adjoining walls that are perpendicular to each other, forming an L. 


  • In other words, a basic L-shaped kitchen consists of 2 “legs” where one leg is longer than the other leg.


  • The longer leg always provides most of the counter space.



  • L-Shape Kitchens have long linear lengths that range from 8′-13′ (2.4-4 m) and short lengths of 3′-9′ (. 9-2.7 m). 


  • L-Shape Kitchens should cover an area of roughly 111 ft2 (10.3 m2).


The pros for choosing an L-shaped kitchen

Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels
Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels


  • An L-shaped kitchen can give you super easy access to your kitchen.


  • One of the most efficient kitchen layouts for the modern home is the L-shaped kitchen.


  • This layout is great for corner kitchen cabinets.



  • A corner base kitchen cabinet or lazy susan can help you with storage and functionality.


  • An L-shaped kitchen is efficient for small and medium kitchen spaces.


  • Minimal through traffic which can be great if you’re a single cook.


  • Easy working triangle with the right design.


  • Perfect for open plan designs and for homeowners who don’t need an oversized kitchen.


  • A possibility to add a kitchen island for more storage and comfort – if your space allows you to do so. 


The cons for choosing an L-shaped kitchen


  • An L-shaped kitchen is not suited for many cooks.


  • Challenging work triangle unless you’ve planned to have all your appliances installed properly and in place.


  • You have to place big appliances like a fridge at either end of the kitchen counter and that can make your working triangle a bit difficult.


  • An L-shaped kitchen is not suited for big kitchens.


Ideas on how to decorate your L-shaped kitchen 


  • Design your work triangle professionally if you’re having doubts. The kitchen work triangle has been a staple of kitchen design since the post-war era and it’s there to make your life easier. 


  • Add an Island for extra storage and your L-shaped kitchen will get an upper-scale look instantly. 


  • If you can’t add an island, add a peninsula instead. It will look great!


  • Extend cabinets to the ceiling and maximize your kitchen space. Tall cabinets always look great and add elegance to your design.


  • Add open shelving to break down the pattern and show your collectibles, books, plants, and other meaningful items.





If a layout looks great on Pinterest or Instagram, it doesn’t mean it will meet your needs and that it’s perfect for you. That’s why it’s very important to have a personalized approach. For more layout ideas, check Top 6 Kitchen Layouts You Need to Know. Try Nelson cabinetry’s free 3D kitchen design and see how your ideal kitchen layout will look with Shaker kitchen cabinets



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