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Expert Tips For Fixing Power Tools

Power tools are indispensable for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and homeowners alike. But like any equipment, they can break down or underperform. If you’re experiencing issues with your power tool, you might need to rush to a professional. However, you can sometimes identify and fix the problem yourself.  


Power tools for kitchen cabinet installation


One of the most common issues with power tools relates to their carbon brushes. Every power tool has some common components, regardless of its make or type—for instance, the carbon brush. How do you repair a carbon brush? It’s simple. A damaged or worn-out carbon brush can halt your tool’s operation. So, diagnosing a problem is a good place to start. Remember, though, you don’t need to be a pro. You just need to follow these expert tips. 

 Check Your Carbon Brushes 

Carbon brushes are essential components in many power tools that transmit electrical currents. As they constantly rub against the rotating commutator, their wear is inevitable. This wear can diminish your tool’s efficiency and lead to sparking and potential motor damage. So, it’s vital not just to check the length of these brushes but to be vigilant for signs of chipping, uneven wear, or discoloration. 



According to TDO Carbon, your power tool might be broken because the carbon brushes have worn out. This is especially true if it’s an older model that doesn’t yet have brushless technology. A key indication that replacement is needed is if the brushes are less than a quarter-inch long. Addressing these issues promptly can save you from more significant, costlier problems down the road. 

 Recognize Power Cord Issues 

The most straightforward problems are often overlooked. Check your power cord! If it’s damaged, your tool won’t work. Inspect for any breaks, tears, or wear. And remember, never use a tool with a damaged cord. Replace it immediately. 



Additionally, environmental factors can take a toll on power cords over time. Exposure to excessive moisture, heat, or cold can weaken the cord’s material, making it more susceptible to damage. Regularly unplugging and coiling the cord after use can also prevent undue stress on both ends, preventing potential fray or breakage. 


Always store your power tools in a cool, dry place, and avoid placing heavy items on the cord. Proper care and maintenance extend not only the cord’s life but also your tool’s safety and efficiency. 

Ensure Proper Lubrication 

Moving parts need lubrication. Over time, dust and debris can affect the moving parts of your tool. That’s where lubrication comes in. Make sure you lubricate regularly to ensure smooth operation. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant, and avoid over-lubricating. 



Understanding the type and frequency of lubrication is crucial. Some power tools require daily lubrication, while others need it less frequently, depending on usage and conditions. Improper lubrication can increase friction, causing parts to wear out faster and potentially overheating the tool. 


It’s also worth noting that using the wrong type of lubricant can be as harmful as not lubricating at all. Always refer to your tool’s manual to identify the proper lubrication schedule and product to maximize the lifespan and performance of your equipment. 


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Clean The Tool Regularly 

It might sound basic, but it’s vital. A clean tool performs better and lasts longer. After each use, wipe down your power tool and keep vents free from dust and debris. A well-maintained tool can prevent many potential issues down the road. 



Cleaning is more than just a surface wipe-down. For tools exposed to more robust materials, such as sawdust or metal shavings, consider using compressed air to clear out tight spaces or internal components. 


Periodic deep cleaning, where you disassemble parts for thorough washing, can also be beneficial. It allows you to inspect for hidden damage and ensures that every nook and cranny remains dirt-free. Remember, while it might take extra time, regular and thorough cleaning will enhance your tool’s efficiency and extend its life. 

Prioritize Safety Above All 

You’re working with electricity, so safety is paramount. Always unplug the tool before performing any repairs. Wear protective gear, and if you’re unsure about any procedure, consult the user manual or seek expert advice. 

Know When To Call The Professionals 

Some repairs, especially those related to the motor, might be beyond your expertise. Recognize your limitations and know when to call in the experts. 




Power tools are invaluable assets for home improvement, enabling homeowners to tackle a range of projects that might be difficult or time-consuming with manual tools. Whether renovating a room, building furniture, or fixing minor household issues, these tools make the job efficient and professional-looking. However, like all equipment, they are prone to wear and tear. By following these expert tips, not only can you ensure your tools remain in top shape, saving you time and money, but you can also consistently achieve those high-quality home improvement results you aim for. Always prioritize safety, and seek professional assistance if you’re ever in doubt. 

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