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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Kitchens




Summer is the favorite season for many people and spending time outdoors has positive effects on both mental and physical health. If you feel your patio is not enough, how about setting up an outdoor kitchen? 



Did you ever wonder where and when the idea of outdoor grilling and cooking came into play? The first records of outdoor grills in the Western world come from the West Indies. The island natives called it “barbacoa,” which is nothing but meat that’s slow-cooked over an open fire. Later on, the colonial settlers and explorers embraced this practice and the era of grilling for pleasure was born.


Even our first president, George Washington, wrote in his diary on May 27, 1769 about his first barbecue in Alexandria, Virginia. 


These smaller summer kitchens remained common throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Nowadays, an outdoor kitchen is a lot more than an open fire for slow cooking. It’s a place where people celebrate special occasions or enjoy a lazy Sunday lunch. So let’s check all the benefits an outdoor kitchen has to offer.




Life is also about enjoying the sunshine


outdoor kitchen
Image source: Pexels


If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, you’ve probably attended social gatherings that highlight the importance of outdoor space. A beautiful afternoon with friends and family while sipping a drink and checking on burgers is a dream we should all get to enjoy. And it doesn’t matter much if the wine gets spilled or if your dog makes a mess trying to nab that burger off your plate. An outdoor kitchen is a place where rules are less strict. For example, it’s easier to clean a mess in an outdoor kitchen in comparison to your expensive all-white Shaker kitchen you’re so proud of. 



An outdoor kitchen can seriously increase your home value


outdoor kitchen
Image Source: Mike Van Tassell


Aside from being the place where you can celebrate any happy occasion, an outdoor kitchen increases the value of your home. Investments that pay off are those you get to enjoy while making your property irresistible to potential buyers when that moment comes. A study by Homeadvisor reports that an outdoor kitchen costs between $4,000 and $20,000. That’s about $300-$750 per linear square foot. Of course, if you plan on spending more, we don’t blame you. 




Setting up an outdoor kitchen is a lot easier than you think


outdoor kitchen
Image source: Pexels


The best place for an outdoor kitchen is your existing patio. And even if it’s a little too small, extending it is a lot cheaper than building a new one in a different location. Keeping an outdoor kitchen close to your indoor space visually expands your home as well. Walking a long distance every time you forget something (and you will) gets tiring, too. 


The star of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. But what makes a modern outdoor kitchen different from an open fire for slow cooking meats is a sink base (farmhouse sink base) and storage cabinets. Depending on your layout, picking corner base cabinets or lazy Susan cabinets will give you the extra storage that you can turn into a kitchen peninsula. Adding some bar stools will give you a perfect holiday vibe. 


You will also need a countertop space for food prepping and enough lighting so that your summer nights remain unforgettable. Adding appliances like a pizza oven, a fridge, or creature comforts like a TV or a fireplace is a matter of personal preference and your budget. 





outdoor kitchen
Image Source: Pinterest

We love the idea of an outdoor kitchen, especially if your climate allows you to enjoy it for several months. Outdoor living areas make throwing parties a breeze. This is especially true for summer barbecues, birthday parties, and pool parties. Everyone wants a large, open space kitchen for entertaining, but an outdoor kitchen is all that plus so much more. Entertaining large crowds without worrying about the mess and creating memories sounds to me like the best holiday ever.


You can be creative with design since different rules apply in comparison with your indoor kitchen. If you feel inspired after reading this post, contact us to help you with your indoor or outdoor kitchen design.





Our design experts at Nelson Cabinetry will create a free 3D design image based on your measurements and layout, which can be a starting point for you to fulfill your dreams of a kitchen either inside or outdoors.





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