Ever Wondered How Designing a Traditional Kitchen Looks Like?


People love traditional kitchens, but only if they are unique, elegant, and high-quality. Have you ever wondered why people love the traditional style so much? Well, it may be that it’s because trends come and go, but the real quality stays. High-quality kitchens made of natural wood are much more than just good-looking furniture elements. It’s about personality, warm and cozy colors and that homey, for Danes hyggelig, feeling. And best of all – designing your traditional kitchen doesn’t have to be boring or formal – it should be fun experimenting with timeless elements. In the end, it’s all about harmony and the warming atmosphere.




You’ll recognize a traditional kitchen by its details. It looks timeless and reminds you of Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries. It often looks very elegant and sophisticated, but it’s not that formal and has a welcoming note. And what makes traditional kitchens different from the rest is what they’re made of. They are made of wood and usually have stone countertops. They have a separate dining table and chairs which reminds you of a cozy Christmas morning. There are many different types of traditional kitchens. Mediterranean or French, Tudor style or Victorian, everything looks elegant and is high-quality. 

P.S. If you’re a history lover, here’s more: https://nelsonkb.com/a-history-of-shaker-cabinetry/



Before you invest in your new, high-quality traditional kitchen, make sure you have planned everything very well. All the details, materials, and elements. When it comes to materials, you are using wood, without any doubt. With wood, you can combine stone for countertops and another type of wood for the floors. It’s important to choose all-natural materials because they look timeless and are the best option for your house and your health.



The secret of an elegant-looking traditional kitchen is in the details of the cabinets. It’s usually crown moulding, which lets you be creative when it comes to traditional kitchens. There is also another important part of the kitchen beside the cabinets: shelves. For a more traditional look, use shelves for the display of kitchenware that looks more elegant. 



It is already known that a classic representative of a traditional kitchen is a simple white shaker cabinet, but it doesn’t have to be the only element that gives away a traditional look. For a more Scandinavian look, use gray cabinets. Add a wine rack or a plate rack to show off sophistication and elegance. Using brass, like silver or bronze, will make your kitchen look more classical and will add an instant age to it. And, make sure you always have your touch-up kit so your kitchen always looks polished!




What’s inside matters. And that’s why sink in the kitchen matters. When it comes to sinks, the choice is yours. Apron-front sinks, single-basin, drop-in – it all says classic and traditional! Use your imagination to combine traditional style with a little bit of rustic or Scandinavian. You can’t go wrong with that!




Even if you make every part of your kitchen look traditional, if your floors are not matching the vibe – it’s probably not going to work. Flooring ties every piece of your home together, so you better be careful with that one when it comes to your kitchen. 

The best material for flooring is definitely wood. If your kitchen is small, make sure you paint the walls white, use white cabinetry, and lighter wooden flooring for the appearance of a bigger room. On the other hand, if your kitchen is a bit bigger, you can combine bright cabinetry with dark brown wooden floors, especially if the room has a nice amount of natural light.


P.S. Before you do your flooring, make sure the wood is not painted – otherwise it will soon be whitewashed and will not look elegant and traditional at all. 




Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Throw out everything that does not go with the traditional style and replace these pieces with something more timeless. Use natural fabric for curtains and kitchen towels, and try to find them in the same or similar color. That will add a signature color to your kitchen. Pay attention to what’s been trendy for decades now and a little less to what’s trendy right now. 


There are many reasons why people decide to build their entire homes in traditional style. When it comes to kitchens, many are obvious, but mostly, it’s because of quality, durability, and timeless and classic look. They are usually simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. But, what is the right reason to design your kitchen in a traditional style? Well, if planned right and combined with the best, remodeling your kitchen to a traditional one may bring you a lifetime investment, a kitchen that does not get old and a high-quality cuisine that you’ll enjoy.