Essential Tips for a Small Bathroom Remodel

Smaller rooms usually require a little bit more creativity when it comes to remodeling or updating. But, just because you have a small bathroom does not mean that you have to give up on it and sacrifice its style and functionality. Designing a small bathroom is not hard. It’s important to strategically decide where to place your furniture and to choose high-quality materials that will serve you a long time.

Look at this remodeling as a game – you’re playing with furniture placements and additional decorations, but also you’re improving your home. If you’re looking for some ideas to upgrade or remodel your bathroom, here are some.



If you’re struggling with colors for your bathroom, let us make this easy for you. Dark colors usually make small rooms even smaller, while bright colors reflect more light and make your tiny bathroom feel bigger. If you like darker colors, try to avoid them on your walls or cabinets, and reserve them for the floor. A combination of dark, wooden floor and white vanity could be bingo.



When it comes to the cabinets, it’s important to create an illusion of bigger space. There are other ways you can do this, but this step is crucial. Large cabinets could make your smaller bathroom look narrow or rather uncomfortable, so you’d probably want to go with the smaller ones. While you need smaller cabinets, it’s important not to overdo it and go with a single vanity. They may be a “perfect solution“ for your bathroom, but you don’t want to save on the storage space in your already small bathroom. So, the perfect cabinet would be this one:



You can choose a variant from 27“ to 36“. It will not take much room but will give you storage space and an elegant touch for your bathroom. Above this one, a wall cabinet for medicine would go great, especially if you decide to decorate it with a mirror. 



In your small bathroom, shelving is everything! Add some open shelves on the walls, and also feel free to be creative with this whole wall storage thing. You can use wine racks for storing your towels above the tub or next to the shower. It will give your bathroom a great and unique look but will save you some storage space as well. For a more bright look that will create the illusion you’re going for, use only white towels.



Apart from the vanity, mirrors are one of the most important things in your small bathroom. The larger the mirror, the bigger the illusion of wider space. But, even the smaller mirrors will do the work. They will give you a more personalized look, especially when combined with some good lighting or windows. 


Here’s our article on mirrors in kitchens. Use it as an inspiration for your bathroom remodel and tell us what you think!


Mirrors in the bathrooms are a wide topic that needs to be examined very carefully. Consequently, we’ve decided to dedicate our next article to the ways you can use mirrors in your bathroom. Stay tuned!


In the end

Do not be afraid to be as creative as you want while remodeling your small bathroom. Moreover, a small bathroom remodel requires you to be open-minded and creative with it. Before you start anything, make sure you choose the right colors. After that, invest in some vanity pieces you like and would love to have in your bathroom for the next few years (or maybe even decades!). Use your imagination to use the other items from as a storage space. Pay attention to the wall options. And last, but not least, make sure you include mirrors in your bathroom remodel. And stay tuned for more inspiration!

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