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    Which Cabinets Are the Easiest to Clean




    The heart of the home -the kitchen- can also be the toughest room to clean. Every surface in your kitchen is susceptible to crumbs, dirt, stains, and splatters. This is especially true of cabinets. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your cabinet maintenance on point. This leaves us with a question: which cabinets are the easiest to clean?



    A major consideration for a surprising number of people when selecting kitchen cabinets is how easy they are to clean. With this in mind, we’re dedicating this post to answering basic questions about kitchen cabinet care.



    Glossy vs. matte


    glossy and mate kitchen cabinets
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    At some point in the past, everything glossy became popular and the kitchen was no exception. Glossy cabinets reflect light, but they also show fingerprints and stains which is not so great. Every kitchen cabinet needs maintenance but if you’ll feel stressed with these kinds of stains, you should avoid this finish.


    Matte cabinets, on the other hand, hide smudges, scratches, and stains better than glossy cabinets. And they don’t show fingerprints, so that is a major plus. Their biggest enemies are grease and oil, but a proper countertop should protect your cabinets from this kind of damage.



    Flat vs. raised


    cabinet styles
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    The kitchen’s biggest enemy is grease. It can keep the dust on the surface of the cabinet door and if not cleaned regularly, can become sticky and look dirty. So, design-wise, contemporary kitchen cabinet styles feature flat surfaces and little ornamentation. This makes their maintenance super easy so there is practically no room for grease to stick.


    On the contrary, traditional cabinets have decorative features such as raised panels and beadboards. These features are high maintenance and require more detailed cleaning. Louvered kitchen cabinet doors are stylish but they’re not easy to maintain. 


    Shaker-style kitchen cabinets blend with any contemporary or traditional design style. Even though they’re not completely flat or raised, they’re the perfect middle (leaning towards flat) option when it comes to cleaning. With finishes in neutral hues such as white or gray, Shaker cabinets are a very popular choice.





    shaker kitchen
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    If you want a modern kitchen where you can spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining, opt for matte kitchen cabinets. They are easy to clean and their only enemy is excessive grease, but as long as you regularly wipe your cabinets, there’s nothing to worry about. When it comes to door styles, the more complex the look, the harder they are to clean. An ideal alternative for this is Shaker-style cabinets as their look isn’t complex or completely plain, it’s just right. 


    If you’re renovating your kitchen, request a free 3D kitchen design from Nelson Cabinetry. You will get to see how Shaker-style cabinets will fit in your home. 




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