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Do You Deserve a Good Laundry Room?

There is a room in our homes that always feels left out. We don’t pay attention to it, we don’t invest in it and we most certainly do not think it’s worth it. But, do we think we are worth it? Worthy of a nice and clean home? That looks simple and elegant and we enjoy every part of it? Maybe it’s time to change the perception and to look at these things from another angle. 


Investing in yourself and in the place you spend the most time in is the best-spent money, happy people will tell you. Your home is supposed to be the happy place that you enjoy being in. It should make you feel energized and motivated. And also, very good about your possessions. I’m not talking about having too much clutter. The possessions that matter are high-quality items throughout the house that you just can’t get enough of. Even if we decide to invest in our homes, it’s usually investing in a bedroom, or a kitchen, or a bathroom. Why is no one thinking about the laundry room? 


Maybe because of that, you hate doing laundry. The room is tight, there’s a lot of work and you just hate how everything that’s not supposed to be there – is there. Today, we are here to talk about making laundry chores a glamorous activity. Doing laundry means that you are making your clothes and yourself clean and organized. For this task to be successful, it is essential to do it in a bright and nice room, that will pass those new, positive vibes to you and your clothes.


Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets
Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets


The function of a laundry room

The laundry room is supposed to be one of the most functional rooms in a home. But, they are usually very tight on space. With a washer and dryer, there is almost no room for other essential elements. However, a laundry room can be very easily remodeled and used to its maximum. Besides the washer and dryer, it’s good to have countertops for folding and sorting clothes, cabinets to store laundry room essentials, open shelving for most frequently used products, a drying rack, and an iron or steamer.

This room should also look very bright for sorting and folding clothes, but to also bring positive vibes, and make you feel more motivated to do chores. If there are no windows in the room, then just add the appropriate lighting, one that is brighter and that looks more natural. 

These rooms should function efficiently and be able to store your and your family’s clothing. You need to remember that you can’t enjoy a laundry room if there is clutter that belongs to the garage. So make sure you keep only things that are essential to the laundry room in the laundry room. 


Big Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets
Big Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets



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Cabinets in the laundry room

Things that are most common in the laundry room are detergents, bleach, stain sprays, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and ironing supplies. These things (if stored) are usually stored on the shelves, but often there is not much space for all of it, so they end up on the appliances or the floor. 

Laundry room cabinets give you more storage space and style in your laundry area. You will store most of your laundry items there and also make use of the unused space. Shaker cabinets are great for laundry rooms because they are durable and will last a long time. Once you remodel this room, you will enjoy your investment for decades. 


Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets and Two Washing Machines
Laundry Room With White Shaker Cabinets and Two Washing Machines


How to style laundry room cabinets

For the laundry, it’s important to use your cabinets according to your room. If there is enough space, use base cabinets for most of your storage. Your laundry essentials will be easily accessible and the cabinets will fit perfectly next to your appliances. 

If there is space on the walls, you can install additional wall cabinets, for towels, sheets, some cleaning supplies, or even suitcases.

Be careful and mindful with filling your laundry cabinets. Remember, you don’t want garage items in your laundry room. 

And if you have space, it would be great to have a sink in this space. It will serve multiple purposes, from bathing your pets to handwashing your most favorite garments. If you keep it tidy and decluttered, it will always smell nice, be well-organized, and will very soon become your favorite room in the house!



Cabinets are not just for kitchens. Creating a good cabinet plan will ensure that you get the most function out of the space. You will save time and money if you plan all the details before you start investing in this room. The laundry room is supposed to be functional, convenient, and efficient. It’s important to keep your home organized and clean, and it is essential to enjoy every single part of it. The laundry room should not be an exception. And yes, you most certainly deserve the most beautiful and functional laundry room.



At Nelson Cabinetry, we offer high-quality cabinetry for your laundry room. We also offer free 3D professional design assistance, as well as many other options for your remodeling needs. Contact us today to find out more about transforming your laundry room!


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