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Do Shaker Cabinets Need Hardware?

No, but you do.

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular cabinet styles. They look simple, elegant, and timeless. When made of high-quality materials, they can last for decades. But, what about their accessories? Hardware or no hardware? No hardware kitchens are becoming more and more popular and are often related to minimalism and minimalistic design. It’s important to know that one doesn’t include/exclude another. Just because you don’t have hardware on your cabinets doesn’t mean that your kitchen is minimalistic. And vice versa. 


So do Shaker cabinets need hardware? They can function well without it, yes. But will that work? Will you like your kitchen without hardware? Possibly not. But it’s possible to get the no hardware look. Here are our thoughts.



It’s that simple. No hardware can easily destroy your new, perfectly looking white shaker cabinets and make them not-so-timeless in just a few years. We’re not saying that shaker cabinets are not good quality or not the right option for your kitchen. It’s more about taking care of it. Let us explain.


Imagine the scenario where you chose not to install hardware. You just use your fingers to open and close the cabinets. It’s working well in the beginning. But after some time, you start to notice things. You need to clean more often, there is grease, there is accumulated schmutz, and there is dirt that is eating away the finish. 


You don’t really like this scenario, huh? Well, keep in mind that it’s very possible to experience this if you choose not to install hardware. And this is a real-life situation. 


Think about your future. Think about your family. Not everyone will wipe their hands each time they decide to get something from the kitchen – or have the time to wipe their hands -and you liked the white theme.



If you like this no-hardware look, there is still a way to do it, without destroying your cabinets. If you like the way pull-less cabinets look, get tiny or discreet pulls. If you don’t have pulls, you will eventually scratch the cabinets as you try to open them. So what we recommend is taking care of your cabinetry in the beginning, so you don’t have to face many unnecessary problems later. 



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It is still possible to achieve a clean, minimalistic, or contemporary look with pulls and/or knobs. You can go for invisible kitchen cabinet hardware options that look minimalistic and, well, invisible. 


Push Latches are simply mechanical or magnetic devices that allow you to simply press on the cabinet door and have it spring open. With this option, no hardware is visible, and it works with almost any cabinet.




Integrated Handles hardware gets its name because the handles are an extension of the cabinet, rather than separate pieces that are attached to the cabinet using screws or other fasteners. The handles are made of one continuous piece of metal that has been bent into shape. It is ideal for cabinets that are made of wood because there are no screws or nails visible.

Integrated hardware for kitchen cabinets can be found in just about any kitchen. The standard material for these types of hardware is stainless steel, which is easier to clean than most other metals and is sterilizable.




Hidden pulls look very minimalist. They are best for below-counter drawers and cabinets and are fixated on the top edges of doors, and that’s why they’re usually called “edge pulls“.



All of these types work well with shaker cabinets. You don’t have to deprive your cabinets of hardware just to get a certain look. It’s simple to achieve the design you desire with little less visible options, like special devices or invisible pulls and handles. All in all, let’s keep it simple, but also let’s take care of our cabinets!



For more information on how to take care of your cabinets don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nelsonkb.com. Our experts will be more than happy to help you with designing your dream kitchen, and if you think you need more, then there is our free 3D kitchen design tool to help you out. Happy designing!




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