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The Drawer vs. Door Base Cabinet Dilemma: Resolved




Determining how to get kitchen cabinetry to meet individual storage needs is one of the many decisions a homeowner must make when designing or renovating a kitchen. For many, the matter of cabinetry with doors vs. drawers is one big question mark – but the answer is quite easy if you follow these simple rules. 



By choosing cabinet doors for your kitchen, you’re opting for a traditional and useful way to organize your food, dinnerware, pots, pans, and glassware. Visually, it creates a nice and consistent flow, which is the standard kitchen style.


Yet, interior designers and cabinet manufacturers have been busy coming up with innovations for our daily needs, leaving us to wonder whether to go with a classic setup or something less traditional.




Base Door Cabinet


With cabinet doors, you get generous open storage and you can choose your organization style. 


  • They have the depth and height that allows you to keep appliances, stacks of bowls, or bulky pots tucked away until you need them. Unless you’re hosting a huge dinner party, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using a lot of these hidden items at the same time. 
  • If you’re an avid baker or interested in creating your own homebrews, this larger space is perfect for equipment storage and can be your designated area for such hobby cooking needs.
  • But these larger spaces create one problem: items can get lost or be difficult to reach with that much open space so low to the ground. 
  • Also, if you’re excited about getting in some extra squats or stretching while navigating your kitchen, a base door cabinet could be a downside for you. 
  • Another complaint can be that sometimes you need to take out a lot of bowls and pots to reach something that’s so far and deep in the back.


One great thing about base door cabinets is the lower price compared to drawer cabinets. They are easy to assemble, they don’t have a lot of hardware and they still look great. And in base door cabinets defense, some manufacturers like Nelson Cabinetry produce base cabinets with two doors and a drawer on top, which is a step up towards better organization. 




Base Drawer Cabinet


Homeowners have resolved the issues of door cabinet design by picking drawer cabinets instead of door cabinets in their designs. 

  • Drawer base cabinets come in a variety of sizes (12”-36”) allowing you to organize your kitchen items more effectively. 
  • You don’t have to squat or stretch, you can access its contents in one single motion, even getting a view of that corner in the back. 
  • They eliminate the need to move or remove items from the cabinet that are in front of the items in the back that you want to reach.
  • Drawer cabinets are great for kitchen islands too because most people use their island daily. It’s a place where they eat, prep food, or work. And in this configuration, drawer cabinets come in handy for hiding clutter or reserving a space for your favorite mug.


But, there’s a downside too: getting kitchen cabinet drawers is more expensive in comparison with cabinet doors. Additionally, are often limited in terms of their capacity, so larger items may not fit within the confines of a given drawer setup.






For most people, a kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time doing one kind of work or another, whether it’s prepping food or cleaning. Yet, the amount of stuff we have in the kitchen can be overwhelming. Sometimes you may not be aware to what extent it actually affects your productivity, but the solution is quite simple: adapt your kitchen based on your needs. Adding a few more drawers to your kitchen could be exactly what you need and even if you spend a little more than planned, it will be worth it. 


If you’re unsure about your options, try our free 3D kitchen design.  And if you’re having trouble measuring your kitchen, contact Nelson Cabinetry. We offer an $89 measurement service as well as virtual assistance.


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