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“Ingredients” for Designing a Farmhouse Kitchen


We all love the feeling that a rural farm evokes in us. It reminds us of simpler days. Living in a city can be exhausting, and make us long for a less crowded, cozy place.
So, why not make your kitchen such a charming retreat? From rustic decor, tile backsplashes, and apron sinks, there are many ways to introduce elements of the farmhouse kitchen style. You’ll need a few simple ingredients to design one on your own. Let’s take a look at the “recipe”!

A Farmhouse Sink


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→ A farmhouse kitchen isn’t complete without this very specific feature. A farmhouse sink is also called an apron sink and features a wide, deep basin. Because of their depth and width, they make washing dishes a breeze. We love these sinks for their generous capacity, visual appeal, and functionality. 
* A Farmhouse Sink Cabinet is a must for these type of sinks. They are generally easy to install, and Nelson Cabinetry offers grade-A quality wood base cabinets that serves just this purpose. They come with finished cabinet sides and interiors as well as a fully finished toe kick. An apron sink with this base cabinet will be the main ingredient in your new farmhouse kitchen. 

Butcher Block Countertops


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→ Unfortunately, these countertops are a forgotten art. They are stunning option for your farmhouse kitchen. You can do your food prep directly on them, but with a proper care, they’ll stay looking like they belong in a museum.
Plus, they will cost you only $20 to $60 per square foot. That beats the cost of most other more popular options such as marble ($25 to $75 per square foot) or stainless steel ($20 to $150 per square foot)

Shaker Cabinet Fronts

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Shaker style cabinets are becoming more and more popular. Take a look at ours to see why.
Shaker doors are meant to blend in rather than stand out. With their versatile, traditional style, they can be integrated seamlessly with any kitchen style. But because of their quality, longevity, and simplicity, they are perfect for your farmhouse kitchen. If you want to know more, take a look at their fascinating history.

Tile Backsplash


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→ White and gray tile backsplash options are great for farmhouse kitchens. They allow other features to stand out. But different textures and patterns, as well as vibrant colors, are becoming popular in keeping with the latest trends. For a more rural feel stick to the long tradition of neutral palettes.
Your kitchen will need these colors and patterns if you want to have that cozy farmhouse feeling. 

 Open Shelving

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→Another must along with the farmhouse sink cabinet, is an open shelving feature. This way you can show off your favorite dishes. Rustic, unvarnished wood shelves will give that specific taste to your interior design. 

Wooden Beams and Lights


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→ Let’s be honest, there’s simply no farmhouse kitchen and no farmhouse feeling if there are no exposed, wooden beams on your ceiling. These beams will transport you to the countryside in no time and get you to forget about all the traffic noise outside.  
Also, hanging pendant lights in metal tones is an exquisite. You can even use big mason jars for your fixtures for a simple, cheerful flourish. 
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Designing a farmhouse kitchen is all about details and your personal preferences. We’ve just mentioned a few basic elements that will get you on the right track. You can have your own little country retreat in a metropolitan area, and there’s no better place than your kitchen.

If you’re in need of assistance, contact our team and get a free 3D design to get started on your farmhouse kitchen project. 

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