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Designing a Scandinavian Kitchen With White Cabinets

The Scandinavian kitchen is a design style that doesn’t get old. Why? The Scandinavian kitchen is practical and functional, yet still has an elegant appearance. In this blog post, we’ll break down how to create the Scandi look from scratch!


Designing a Scandinavian kitchen can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you design your Scandinavian kitchen. We’ll discuss everything from the layout of the space to the types of appliances you should use. If a Scandinavian design is what you’re after, then keep reading!

What is a Scandinavian Style?


So what is Scandi style all about, anyway? To create the scandi look, you should start with clean lines and a minimalist design. This means opting for light hardwood floors, marble countertops, farmhouse sink, minimal hardware, stainless steel appliances – these are all scandi staples. Take advantage of natural materials like stone or wood finishes for pops of color. You can also go bold with statement lighting to make the space feel more intimate. When designing your scandi kitchen, make sure to keep the functionality in mind. Many Scandinavian kitchens feature an open floor plan that allows for socializing while cooking. Consider incorporating a breakfast bar or island into your design to maximize space.

General Considerations


Scandinavians are known for their simple, minimalistic style. The Scandinavian design aesthetic is characterized by clean lines and natural materials like wood or brick that emphasize its functionality. Many kitchens incorporate open shelving as well as straightforward color palettes in order to keep things cohesive within the space.

A good example of a Scandinavian color palette


You will notice that white is a popular color in Scandinavian kitchens. That’s because the Scandinavian style is all about light and brightness. White paint, appliances – even your cabinets should be white to maximize the amount of natural sunshine coming into a home during those dreary winter days!


When designing your scandi kitchen, it’s important to think about the overall feel you’re going for. Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated look? Or are you aiming for a more relaxed and comfortable vibe?

Going White

One of the most popular Scandi kitchen design elements is white walls and cabinetry. This sleek and modern look is perfect for any home, and it can be easily customized to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a fresh and airy feel in your kitchen, consider using white walls and cabinets. Nelson Cabinetry offers an amazing selection of white cabinets that may be just perfect for your new Scandinavian kitchen!



When it comes to furniture, Scandi style is all about simplicity! A few key pieces that will help you achieve the Scandi look in your kitchen include Scandinavian dining chairs or bar stools. These pieces will add a touch of functionality and style to your kitchen. Another popular scandi element is simple Scandinavian-style pendants. These pieces are designed with clean lines, so they’ll add some contrast to your kitchen’s design. They’re also perfect for illuminating the space and adding some extra light.


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Marble countertops are a luxurious touch that can really elevate the scandi style in your kitchen. They’re perfect for those who want a high-end look, and they add some elegance to any design. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your Scandi kitchen, consider using marble countertops.


While marble countertops are a popular choice for scandi kitchens, they can be expensive and difficult to maintain. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider using a durable quartz countertop. Quartz is a popular choice because it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t require any special care.

Finishing Touches

The Scandinavian style is all about bringing the outdoors in through natural elements and colors. They love simple, fresh flowers on their tables for instance – try placing a vase or bowl full of them near your kitchen sink! If you’re looking to add some green into your space without taking up too much room then go ahead with hanging plants from open shelves as well; just make sure they don’t get forgotten about!




A Scandi kitchen is a perfect way to create a stylish and functional cooking space in your home. Designing a Scandinavian kitchen is all about creating a simple, clean, and functional space. By using light hardwood floors, white walls and cabinetry, and scandi style furniture, you can easily create a scandi inspired kitchen in your home. If you need more help on designing your dream kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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