Design Elements That Lighten Up Your Kitchen

Did you know that there are specific design elements that can make your kitchen appear lighter and brighter? The function of space, color choice, and natural lighting all play a role in the overall sensation of heat and brightness.


In this article, we will discuss some of the best design elements to achieve this look.


#1 Choose Light Cabinets


Are you tired of your old wood cabinets? What about simply painting them white or a lighter color? Lightening up the cabinetry will provide extra natural lighting for the room. Just be sure you have enough wall space behind each shelf so there is not too much darkness when looking inside!


If painting is just too much for you, go for a high-quality and a lifetime option: white timeless, plywood cabinets. These will naturally add brightness and life to your kitchen, and will not require much work from you. Only proper cleaning and care will make them last literally a lifetime!


#2 Know How to Use Backsplash Tile


Excessive use of backsplash tile may darken any kitchen. If you need a little something on the walls but just cannot find anything that suits your taste, go for a light-colored tile. You could also choose a mosaic design to really brighten things up.


Just make sure you use brightly colored custom backsplashes for a burst of energy in an otherwise neutral room – but choose a color that you know you’ll want to live long term or that coordinates well with the rest of your decor, as replacing a backsplash can be a bit of a hassle!

#3 Install Light Flooring


Similar to light wood cabinets, light flooring can help brighten up your kitchen by reflecting natural light around the room. If your kitchen is particularly dark, consider installing light-colored floorings such as bamboo, cork, or linoleum.


#4 Consider Adding Window Blinds 


If you have windows in your kitchen, consider adding window blinds or shades. The simplicity of the design is perfect for kitchens.


Blinds are also great because they can be closed when you don’t want to see your backyard, but if you do want to take a look at the view and enjoy the light breeze coming in through the windows, simply open them!


#5 Natural or Artificial Lighting?


Do you like overhead lighting? How about under cabinet lighting? Lights help make your kitchen bright and cheerful; especially if you have a small space! 

You can choose from many options: LED lights, recessed lights, chandeliers (above-the-table), pendant lights (above-the-table), etc. 


Also, use natural light whenever possible. Windows let in natural light, which can brighten up any space. If you don’t have windows in your kitchen, consider installing a skylight or using artificial light fixtures that mimic natural sunlight.

#6 Use Skylights


Skylights are a great way to let natural light flood into your kitchen, and they can be especially helpful if you have a dark or small kitchen. Not only do they make the room feel airier and more spacious, but they also add an interesting visual element to the space.


#7 Think About Mirrors


Mirrors create an optical illusion, making rooms look bigger and brighter than they actually are. A mirror on one wall can reflect natural light across the room, giving the appearance of even more space.


By using these simple design elements, you can lighten up your kitchen and make it feel more open and airy. Not only will this be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make the space feel more comfortable to work in. So, if you’re looking for a way to refresh your kitchen, consider using some of these lightening-up techniques. You may be surprised at how much of a difference they can make.


If you’re still having second thoughts about redesigning, make sure you design your dream kitchen in our free 3D kitchen design software. After that, feel free to contact us at or call at 832-998-6598 for a professional consultation. We’d be glad to help!


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