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Are Dark Cabinets the Right Choice For You?

Neutral and bright colors have always been popular in the kitchen but designers also value the bold statements made by dark colors. Dark kitchen cabinets are a great alternative if you want to add more character to your kitchen. Let’s see what makes them so appealing and how they can make your kitchen look different.


America’s favorite cabinetry color is white! It makes the kitchen brighter and certainly a lot more contemporary. But what happens if white or gray isn’t your personal style preference and you’d like your kitchen to be a bit bolder? One
solution is to explore the possibilities of darker shades.


A dark kitchen isn’t really for everyone. If you feel there’s even a slight chance you might get over your dark cabinets in a couple of years, opt for a lighter shade of cabinets. But if dark colors make you comfortable and you love a modern look, you can have a very cool and sleek kitchen. 



Why dark kitchen cabinets are becoming so popular

Big Kitchen With Black Shaker Cabinets and Kitchen Island
Big Kitchen With Black Shaker Cabinets and Kitchen Island

Back in the day, stained natural wood cabinets dominated every kitchen. That’s not quite the case anymore. Going into 2021, colors are more popular than ever and they have nothing in common with the vibrant colors of the 70s. Toned-down variations of gray, blue, or green cabinets are all over Instagram and Pinterest. But so is the black kitchen.


Maybe we live in times when we don’t have to follow rules all that much. A white kitchen is and always will be timeless and popular. But now we have more freedom and options to mix and match whatever we want because it’s possible. The chances of making a mistake are low because of sleek cabinet designs and other on-point accessories.


Modern, urban, and industrial kitchen styles are something that interior designers love to promote. We often see images of interiors that are all that but are they all that livable? Sure, they look amazing in photos but you have to ask yourself: is this the right choice for me?


To help you answer these questions, we’ve compiled some tips for you:


Dark kitchen cabinets are for you if…

Black and White Kitchen With Shaker Cabinets
Black and White Kitchen With Shaker Cabinets


  • Your kitchen is relatively large.


  • It has enough natural light.


  • You want to make a bold statement.


  • You don’t mind a slightly more masculine kitchen style.


  • You love the industrial style and you are open to brick and mortar for the wow effect.


  • You like urban art and deco.


  • You are not scared to mix and match.


  • You want to commit to design and make your kitchen chic.


  • You’ll have enough time to think through what kind of backsplash and decor you will use.


  • You plan on hiring an interior designer.


Dark kitchen cabinets are not for you if…

Blue Shaker Kitchen Island With a Sink and White Shaker Cabinets
Blue Shaker Kitchen Island With a Sink and White Shaker Cabinets


  • You have doubts about whether you’ll still love your dark kitchen in 5 years.


  • Your personal style is less modern and more charming and bright.


  • You don’t like fingerprints showing on kitchen cabinets.


  • Your kitchen is really small and not that bright.


  • You’d rather like to play it safe with your investment.


  • You love DIY projects, your kitchen will be such a project and you have no design skills.



A new decade brings new trends and interior designers say there should be more color in the kitchen. While black might seem harsh, opting for navy blue or dark green could be an easier transition. But if you’re sure about trends and you might feel you’ll regret your decision, opt for light gray cabinet colors. To play it safe, you can mix and match gray with white cabinets, and this free 3D kitchen design can be of great help to you.


Whether you want to try the black cabinet trend with a few black features or want to go all-in, make sure you do proper planning. A kitchen renovation is an investment and making mistakes can cost a lot of money.




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