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Achieving a dream kitchen isn’t just about its appearance. Often it’s about the storage features and accessories that are placed in the cabinets.Having good kitchen storage is more important than just having plenty of cabinets. Here are 4 crucial features that give you that extra storage.



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Drawers are not appreciated enough. But, they are the ultimate source of accessible storage. You don’t have to bend down, but they come to “meet” you. Just pull the drawer out and look down.
Drawers can hold almost anything in your kitchen. Options are three or four drawers stacked in a base cabinet, or a single drawer sitting atop doors that open to reveal shelves. Three-drawer cabinets are especially effective. They usually come with a smaller top drawer and two larger lower drawers for holding different sizes of kitchen items. Using a drawer requires just one easy pull, so that’s the main reason why so many people fall in love with drawers. Although they’re more expensive, stacked drawer cabinets are huge and feature efficient storage space.


Most interior experts suggest that a kitchen should include at least one stacked drawer cabinet for every double-door cabinet.

Waste cabinet


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Your kitchen can’t be impeccable if there’s a trash bin on the kitchen floor. Luckily, we have a solution for that now. One of the best kitchen storage solutions is to include a pull-out trash unit inside the cabinetry. where it won’t be seen. Also, you should include at least one two-bin trash unit. You can use one for regular trash and the other for recycling. Many of them are short enough to fit into a base cabinet with a top drawer.

Vertical dividers


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This is highly useful for storing many large kitchen items such as: cutting boards, baking pans, large lids, etc.
These cabinets are often placed in the upper part of tall cabinetry, such as an oven cabinet, pantry, or deep refrigerator upper. They can also be used in base cabinets from 9″-12″ wide.

Corner cabinets


Corners can be one of the best storage areas in the kitchen. There are three popular solutions for corner storage:


Lazy Susan cabinet: these cabinets are corner units with 90 degree angles on both sides, and are found in 36″ wide sizes. Both base cabinet and upper wall cabinet versions are available. They usually have two independent carousels. Each carousel can hold a surprisingly large number of kitchen items. These are chosen because they have more efficient storage than most blind corner cabinets.


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Blind corner cabinet: These project out from one wall with a filler on the adjacent wall, and come in many different designs. Blind corner cabinets work best for storage if fitted with pull-out shelves.


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→ Corner drawers: Corner drawers are an expensive option, but for a good reason. These are drawers with “L” shaped fronts that fit into corner cabinets. They are set up on rollers that allow you to pull the drawer out into the room. When extended fully, they can be up to 30″ deep.


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It is also crucial to actively do your own research.  That way your money will be well spent. The proper cabinet  storage units can make a big difference between a kitchen that is just visually appealing and one that is highly functional.


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