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    What Countertop Material Goes Best with White Cabinets?

    Countertops are one of the most important aspects of any kitchen. You spend so much time in your kitchen, and a countertop that doesn’t go with the rest of the décor can make a huge difference. They look best when they match or complement existing features in a room. Their colors can vary from whites to grays, blacks to reds, metallic to matte, there is sure to be a color that will fit your style!


    Countertops come in many different materials including laminates, engineered stone, soapstone, marbles, and natural stones. All these materials have their pros and cons but ultimately it all comes down to personal preference! Here we will focus on top five countertop materials that go well with white cabinets.



    Countertops are a popular choice among homeowners because they add modern flair to any kitchen while remaining neutral and low-maintenance! This engineered stone has the unique ability to reflect light, making it appear even brighter and whiter in appearance.


    Quartz countertops can come in small flecks or large baroque patterns which makes every piece a unique one of a kind! However, this material is more expensive than other options.


    Another option for countertops that go well with white cabinets is butcher block. Countertop butcher block creates an attractive place to prepare food and comes in various designs such as solid wood, maple, bamboo and reclaimed. Countertop butcher blocks aren’t just functional but also great for the environment and add a farmhouse charm to any kitchen.


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    Countertops that are made of solid white Corian are very modern-looking, durable, and customizable. Countertops of this type are extremely popular because they are easy to clean, require little maintenance, have no risk of burning or stains, have an inexpensive installation cost, are low-maintenance, are stain-resistant, and come in many colors. 


    Countertop white Corians also work well with most color schemes so if you want a countertop alternative for your white cabinets, this is the perfect one!



    Soapstone is a popular option when it comes to countertop materials, and for good reason! It will last a lifetime, meaning that choosing this option is an investment. 


    Soapstone has a fine-grained texture and is nonporous, so it will resist stains well and require minimal upkeep. It also lends itself beautifully to all styles of design and decoration.


    However, soapstone doesn’t come in one color or tone—it can range from light grays to black & white speckles that mimic granite or marble patterns. So which color do you choose? If your kitchen cabinets are white, the best options are dark gray or black soapstone counters with contrasting white walls.


    #5 MARBLE

    Marble countertops lend themselves especially well to creating uniformity within the kitchen. They go well with white cabinets when they have a matte or satin finish. Marbles can work well with “busy” cabinet designs, as long as the overall look is balanced out.


    They tend to make a space appear larger because of how light they are, but homeowners need to take into account examples from real life before deciding that white cabinets and marbles would be an awesome combination in their kitchen. Marbles should be considered carefully if homeowners spend a lot of time cooking because high heat can cause permanent damage to their countertops.


    In conclusion

    In the end, it all depends on your taste. Don’t go and invest in something you won’t even like in your kitchen. Educate yourself on good and high-quality materials, decide whether you want something lighter or darker, but remember that you’re in charge and it’s up to you in the end.


    If you need professional advice, make sure you contact professionals. It doesn’t mean you have to hire a home designer that will take a fortune (and ages!) just to tell you which color suits the best your kitchen cabinets. 



    Contact those professionals who are willing to help without any financial compensation. Feel free to consult us at info@nelsonkb.com or call at 832-998-6598 for a free consultation. We love to hear from you!


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