The lazy susan and the blind base cabinet both serve to make the most out of the corner areas where two cabinets meet. There are differences between the two, though, and it often just comes down to a matter of preference. Which one’s right for you? Read on to find out what the advantages and disadvantages are to both so you can make an informed decision about which one to make a part of your kitchen.

Lazy susan: advantages

The spinning feature of the lazy susan makes for especially easy access. Nelson Cabinetry’s lazy susan has two doors connected to one another that both open to the left or right to reveal two levels of trays to hold your appliances, spices, you name it! The spinning tray makes it possible to organize and store your items without wondering which ones you use the most, since all you have to do is spin the tray to bring what’s in the back towards the front.

Lazy susan: disadvantages

Because of its round shape, the lazy susan doesn’t reach every last inch of space: the area between the rounded edges of the tray and the cabinet walls is not utilized. However, this is minimal and is generally compensated for by the lazy susan’s clever but simple engineering.

Blind base cabinets: Advantages

These cabinets are roomy and can accommodate larger appliances than a lazy susan can. For more sizeable items like a crock pot or electric mixer, this is a better solution. Blind base cabinets have just one door but the actual storage includes two more sections – the “stile,” which is next to the door, and the “blind” section where the other cabinet joins. All your storage will reach back into the stile and the blind sections. There are organizing systems available for blind base cabinets so they fit your specific needs, including pull-out shelves and half-moon lazy susans.

Blind base cabinets: Disadvantages

While it’s great to have all that storage, you can run into trouble if what you’re storing (or wanting to store) is bigger than the door of the blind base cabinet. Generally, a filler will be needed between the blind base cabinet and the cabinet next to it so the door opens properly, and some consider this added step to be a disadvantage.


The lazy susan is an easy, simple solution for maximizing the corner space in your kitchen. If you’re looking for blind corner kitchen cabinet storage, it’s better to opt for a blind base cabinet, given the numerous options that are out there for blind base cabinets, it’s just a matter of installing pull-out shelves or fold-out systems to ensure that the blind corner cabinet system works best for the way you put your kitchen to work. It’s also possible to install a lazy susan for a blind corner cabinet, which are generally half moons that swing out when you open the door. These half moons actually emerge from the cabinet and are even easier to access than the traditional lazy susan style. Be sure to explore all of the possibilities before deciding upon which one is right for you.

For example, another option for a blind corner is a diagonal cabinet, which Nelson Cabinetry also offers in the Shaker style. These actually get rid of the corner problem altogether because, by creating a new angle in the corner, a diagonal cabinet gets rid of the corner. There are many blind corner wall cabinet solutions available to meet your individual needs.