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Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint With These 7 Tips

Color is magical. It can transform a space in a way that nobody might have thought of. However, the transformation can be perfect or awkward. For a paint color to transform a space to what you anticipated, you must choose correctly. A slight mistake can cause your space to appear mismatched or dull. The same thing must be followed when you’re choosing a kitchen cabinet paint color. 


It’s important to understand that your kitchen cabinetry plays a significant role in your kitchen’s overall appearance. When they look elegant, the entire space appears stylish. That said, it’s essential to select a color that corresponds to your home’s existing structure and decor to avoid creating conflict. 


You should also invest in high-quality paint, such as Benjamin Moore cabinet paint, to get colors that can last longer. But before you go ahead and pick the right shade of paint, you must take note of the following tips:

Design And Style

When designing your kitchen, it’s vital to settle for practical cabinets since they’ll come in handy when choosing the perfect paint. If your cabinets contain all kitchen essentials, they’ll appear busy and disorganized, especially if they’re not large enough. Consider separating cabinets for food and kitchenware to prevent cluttering.


Choosing a paint color won’t be challenging when your cabinets are well-designed. Colors such as whites and shades of cream will ensure your kitchen cabinets remain elegant and timeless. If your kitchen appears more contemporary, settling for dark brown, black, or shades of gray can be perfect.

Create Contrast

Kitchen in luxury home with dark wood cabinetry


Taking advantage of contrast is ideal when choosing kitchen cabinet paint color. Incorporating dark-colored cabinets in a bright kitchen can result in a breathtaking design. Brown and gray cabinets also add a touch of style and elegance to a light kitchen design.

Size And Lighting

The size and lighting of your kitchen must be taken into consideration when you’re selecting paint colors for your cabinet. A kitchen’s dimensions, pattern, and light levels affect its cabinetry. Lighter cabinets are ideal for kitchens with limited lighting. On the other hand, darker cabinets are perfect for larger kitchens with ample lighting.


Again, if your kitchen is tiny or dark, you might need to incorporate brighter cabinetry. If the kitchen is spacious and with perfect lighting, darker cabinets will make it appear even larger and more elegant.


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Consider Staining

Some homeowners aren’t willing to paint wooden kitchen cabinets to preserve the natural look and beauty of the wood. If you’re one of them, but you prefer to maintain wood elegance and still want a little bit of color, consider staining the cabinets with classic shades instead. 



If you’re up for a brighter look, incorporate a contrasting stain over the wood and let it fade for a classy look. White, dark gray, and dark brown are perfect stains that complement almost every kitchen design. It might be best to settle for a dark stain instead of a bright one. With such, you get a cleaner look that doesn’t interfere with a wooden cabinet’s natural colors.

Single Color, Different Shades

Sometimes neutral colors can be too boring for some homeowners. And if bold colors aren’t your thing either, the perfect solution is to take advantage of two shades of the same color. Consider using a dark shade of a particular color on your upper cabinetry and a lighter shade for the lower cabinets. You can also do it the other way around, depending on your liking. While the results appear neutral, they add a sense of visual interest.

Kitchen Cabinets Finish

After being combined with white cabinets, glossy white cabinets make the kitchen more elegant. Cabinets with extra gloss come with a gleaming finish that reflects light, resulting in a bright, contemporary look.

The Purpose Of Painting

Every homeowner has a reason behind painting the kitchen cabinetry. That reason can also help you choose the perfect paint color. Considering your color taste will be vital if you’re painting your cabinets to showcase your sense of style. At this point, you can use bright, dark, or neutral colors to fit your taste.

However, if you’re looking forward to selling your home, hence the reason for repainting the kitchen cabinetry, it might be wise to settle for neutral colors to make it appealing to potential home buyers.


Colors are perfect for expressing one’s uniqueness regarding style and creativity. When chosen correctly, paint color can beautify your kitchen cabinets, creating a new look for your home. Painting is a cheap trick with an extraordinary impact on your kitchen appearance. It’s more likely to brighten your kitchen and make it appear classy. If you’re looking forward to painting your kitchen cabinets, consider the above-discussed tips for exceptional results.


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