Choose Perfect Kitchen Door Handles With These Quick Tips, Tip 3 Will Surprise You


Kitchen door handles are small but significant details that are often overlooked when it comes to decorative finishes. Choosing the perfect door handles can enhance the complete look of your kitchen and replacing the old handles can be a cheap way to bring a new life to the room. But just as the perfect door handles can make your kitchen look better, choosing the wrong ones can ruin the complete look of your kitchen.


Door handles can make or break the entire look of your kitchen

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Before choosing the perfect door handles for your kitchen it is important to take several factors into consideration. Those factors include the style of your kitchen (is your kitchen more traditional or modern, or it doesn’t strictly fit into those two categories), materials used for kitchen cabinets and worktops, color of your kitchen cabinets and any requirements specific for your kitchen.

Modern, Traditional or Transitional Style?


Before deciding on which door handles to buy you need to determine what kind of style are you trying to achieve in your kitchen. If you have a modern or traditional kitchen, it is advisable to follow the same style by choosing either modern or traditional kitchen door handles.


For more traditional kitchens the perfect choice would be cup handles or wooden knobs as they give that rustic and authentic feel. You can achieve a stylish but traditional look by combining a cup handle with a matching knob.


Cup handles are a great choice for traditional kitchens

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If your kitchen is more modern the right choice may be bar handles. With simple, streamlined bar handles you can achieve that minimalistic, contemporary look. Cupboard door handles also compliment modern-style kitchens. Another good choice for modern kitchens are bow handles as they give the convenience and functionality of the bar handles but with a little bit of spice. Bow handles can blend in with the overall kitchen style or they can stand out in a good way.


Bar handles are ideal for modern or transitional kitchens

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For those who are not sure if they want their kitchen to look more traditional or modern, it is best to combine transitional elements. For example, white shaker cabinets go well with any type of door handles. Transitional materials like pewter, copper or cast iron are ideal for kitchens which include both modern and traditional features. A lot of transitional kitchens incorporate a combination of natural and man-made materials creating a versatile appearance.


Another style that should be considered is having no kitchen door handles at all. In recent years handleless kitchen designs have become increasingly more popular. They feature no handles on the drawers, cabinets or cupboards creating a clean, straightforward and minimalistic look.

Choosing the Right Color


The color of your kitchen door handles is just as important as their style. Before determining what is the right color for your kitchen handles you need to ask yourself do you want them to blend into your kitchen or do you want them to make a statement? Certain colors go well with others and there are many different combinations that can suit everyone’s needs.


White cabinets are versatile and the color of door handles can really make your kitchen stand out. With white cabinets contrasting colors, especially black, can be aesthetically pleasing. If your kitchen is in warm tones, it is a good idea to go with gold, black or bronze door handles. If your kitchen is in grey tone, silver, pewter, black or stainless steel handles will look good. Color of your door handles should complement other colors in the room. Try to make sure that other kitchen appliances stay in the same tone. Most suitable options for traditional kitchens are usually antique silver or antique-style pewter with a white finish.



Black and white is always a good combination

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Choosing the Right Size


Kitchen handles are available in various lengths. You can mix handle lengths but using the same length throughout your kitchen will create a more consistent look. Some people prefer oversized handles as a creative way to make their kitchen stand out. If you are unsure about the right length, you can go for a middle length that won’t look too long on shorter drawers or too short on longer ones.


Door handles need to be easily gripped so it is always a good idea to try them out before making a purchase. Handles should be fitting and not cram your fingers or feel sharp around the edges. You should also make sure the handles are placed in a position where they won’t hit one another.


If you’re still unsure about the right door handles for your kitchen, Nelson Cabinetry offers 3D kitchen design for free! That way you can have a visual representation of how the desired door handles would look in your kitchen.



It is important to carefully choose the perfect door handles for your kitchen as they can make or break the entire look. Kitchen door handles are available in plenty of styles and finishes that can satisfy everyone’s needs. After deciding what style are you trying to achieve – traditional, modern or something in between – and what colors will suit your kitchen perfectly, you will have easier time deciding on door handles. Always make sure to try out the kitchen handles before making a purchase as the proper functionality is just as important as the aesthetic standpoint.