Choose Dazzling Cabinet Hardware for A Dazzling Kitchen


Even though functional hardware is often designed not to be seen, it’s still definitely noticeable. With the right cabinetry, decorative hardware is like the cherry on top. It will add that missing element that will tie the overall look together.Choosing “the jewelry” for your cabinets has never been easier since nowadays we have plenty of choices, from sleek and shiny to matte or mixed. Of course, you will choose hardware that works well with your cabinet style and finish. But why not add that little extra touch to your kitchen? Below we have few examples of how some materials, finishes, and styles work with different kitchen designs. 


Silver-toned hardware


Bright and shiny kitchen hardware made from chrome looks sophisticated but with that retro appeal. Standard chrome cabinet hardware has a polished surface that shines like a mirror, while brushed chrome provides a more matte finish.


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Nickel hardware is currently the most popular for all kitchen styles.
It goes with traditional or contemporary and even farmhouse rustic kitchen styles.


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Stainless steel kitchen cabinet hardware is highly durable, yet stylish. It is tarnish, scratch, and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel hardware is often associated with contemporary and iconic, bar-pull handles.


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Mixed finishes and materials add extra drama to your kitchen. It also make decorative hardware stand out in the overall design. But, don’t forget to choose hardware in a matching finish if your cabinets feature exposed hinges.

Image Source: Caitlin Wilson Design


Matte finishes are favored over high shine, because they give a more natural feel to your kitchen.


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Bar pulls in lengths proportionate to drawer width and door height provide a balanced and graceful look.


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Cup pulls perfectly complement a farmhouse sink cabinet or country kitchen style. We recommend using them with raised-panel drawer fronts. Avoid using them with a recessed-panel drawer front, since this limits access to the pull.


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Details such as knurling are adding some interest to clean, streamlined designs. This design will make your cabinets highly decorative.


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Innovative influences


Many decorative hardware pieces are now influenced by ergonomics, with enhanced grips and comfort in the handles and functional hardware. This provides easy access for all users.


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In the interest of convenience and a more streamlined environment, electronic-assist hardware is increasing in popularity. It allows homeowners to open drawers with a light touch.

Silent or soft close doors as well as full extension doors are still important elements for homeowners.


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Deciding on your kitchen cabinet hardware like so many other choices in home design matter of determining what suits you the best. We’ve given you a few examples of what’s available. You can see from looking at these pictures that all hardware styles and materials work with white Shaker cabinets. Click here and take a look at our white Shaker cabinets. They’ll certainly go with whichever kitchen cabinet hardware you choose. 


Also, if you need a free 3D design of your kitchen, contact us and our team of professionals will help you to envision your dream kitchen. 




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