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5 Reasons Buying Cabinets Online Will Be Huge in 2023

Are you on the hunt for new cabinets? With demand for modern and unique home upgrades growing, more homeowners are turning to online sources as a go-to destination for their cabinetry needs. While there have always been plenty of benefits associated with buying cabinets online, we believe that 2023 will be an especially transformative year in this regard – here’s why!


Buying with a Credit Card


Within this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 reasons why many homeowners will be making the switch from traditional cabinet shopping to shopping online come 2023. Through outlining product variety, budget and style possibilities, shipping options and more – by the end you should have a better understanding of all that awaits when diving into purchasing your next set of cabinets online this coming year!

Lower Prices

It’s no secret that the world of digital shopping has made shopping more convenient and efficient than before. In 2023, taking advantage of those benefits on cabinets is sure to become even more popular. Why? The huge savings!


Cost of RTA cabinets compared to traditional cabinets


When you purchase cabinets online, there’s virtually no middleman, which means you can expect prices that are significantly lower than what you’d find in stores or through home-improvement companies. The wallets of shoppers everywhere are rejoicing over these huge online discounts – and we all can agree it’s about time!

Easier Comparison Shopping

The ease of comparison shopping online is one of the main draws—with just a few clicks, shoppers now have access to dozens (or perhaps even hundreds!) of different cabinet types and styles available from multiple retailers – allowing them to compare prices and find the perfect product in no time at all.


Custom vs semi custom cabinets


On top of that, there’s no need to drive from one store to another on a wild-goose chase – if it’s not online, it’s not worth looking at! As such, consumers are flocking online to make their cabinet-buying decisions faster and cheaper than ever before.

Faster Delivery

In 2023, buying cabinets online can be a quick and easy process when you account for the faster delivery times. Many online cabinet stores are now offering fast and predictable lead times, giving customers an advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses in terms of convenience and ease of use.


UPS Cabinet Delivery
Nelson Cabinetry ships its products via third-party shipping companies


Instead of having to wait weeks or months for their order to arrive at their doorstep in many cases, future shoppers will enjoy steady lead times with deliveries being made within days or even hours! Shopping for cabinets online has come a long way, making it an increasingly attractive option that is sure to be huge in 2023.


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Free 3D Kitchen Design

Online shopping for cabinets could be huge in 2023 because of the modern convenience it provides. For example, there are now services that offer 3D kitchen design, allowing you to visualize what would look good and fit best in your home without all the tape measureing, shuffling and guessing.


Nelson Cabinetry Free 3D Kitchen Design
Nelson Cabinetry Free 3D Kitchen Design

You can plan out exact measurements, see what looks good together, take virtual tours of various options, and make a decision from the comfort of your couch. Additionally, you can order whatever product is right for you – whether it’s pre-made or custom crafted – with no sweat and no salesperson trying to convince you to buy something that cost more than what you wanted in the first place.

Better Customer Service

Not only are the prices generally lower than a traditional store’s, quality and customer service often surpasses that of its physical counterparts. An online store’s commitment to its customers can be seen through their measures of personalized attention and best-in-class customer support. This kind of attention builds trust with customers, and everyone loves to shop with a reliable retailer. Thus, if you want an enjoyable shopping experience, with great customer service and quality products at an excellent price – buying your cabinets online in 2023 is the way to go!


Bottom Line

Reasons why customers love buying cabinets online
Reasons why customers love buying cabinets online


In 2023, you won’t look twice when someone says they bought their cabinets online. With today’s growing selection of stylish cabinet designs that offer affordable prices, the choice to purchase cabinets online is sure to be a major trend in the coming years.


If you’re in the market for new cabinets in 2023, forget all notion of bargain-bin knock-offs and see why Nelson Cabinetry stands head and shoulders above the competition. Unparalleled craftsmanship, transparent prices, and a commitment to eco-friendly materials that don’t sacrifice on quality make them an unbeatable choice.

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