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Bring Your Kitchen to Life by Decorating with Plants

There’s nothing like the natural pop of color that plants can bring to your kitchen. If you have enough natural light for them to thrive, plants can make your kitchen really come to life and create a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere. Read on to find out which plants work best and tips for decorating with them.

A Miniature Herb Garden

A finishing touch of fresh thyme or mint can really make the simplest of meals shine. Keeping a few pots of herbs within easy reach of your food preparation area will make adding that final culinary flourish to your dishes a breeze. Some herbs are easier to cultivate than others. Cilantro, for example, is notoriously finicky, and basil can also be somewhat temperamental. Hardy perennials like rosemary and thyme, however, require less maintenance and are a great addition to soups and pasta. Mint is considered an invasive plant in many regions because it grows so quickly, so be prepared to move it to a bigger pot before too long!

Keep Your Plants Away from Pets

Though potted plants in floor vases can be stunning, pets are naturally curious and it’s best to keep all plants above the level of the countertops. Some kitchens will have alcove spaces over the wall cabinets, which is a great location for a little collection of small plants. Another great solution for keeping the plants safe from prying paws is to hang them from hooks attached to the ceiling. Wall cabinets with open shelving provide the perfect spot to place your plants, where it will be easy to water them and turn them for equal sun exposure. Cabinets like these are less than $100 and can be ordered from Nelson Cabinetry’s website. Buying kitchen cabinets online is affordable and convenient, making it a breeze to make any adjustments to your current kitchen layout. 

Make Sure the Plants Aren’t Toxic

It’s always possible that despite your best efforts, your pets will still manage to get a hold of your plants. So be sure to get plants that are not toxic to pets—or humans, for that matter! Aloe, jade plants, and geraniums are all plants that can cause problems for pets, so if you have a four-legged friend at home, be sure to avoid these plants or keep them outside. Before buying any plants, be sure to do some research. There are many websites that provide information about the toxicity of common houseplants. 


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Create a Garden on Top of the Pantry

A pantry is a great addition to any kitchen, but it’s not always obvious what to do with the space on the top. If you have a stand-alone pantry, this is a great place to create a garden. If you decide on plants that grow downwards such as spider plants (not toxic to pets, by the way), be sure to position the growth to the sides of the pantry so that it doesn’t get in the way of opening and closing the doors. If you are considering plants for your kitchen but aren’t sure where to put them, a pantry might be just what your kitchen needs! For some inspiration, take a look at this Shaker pantry, which comes in multiple heights to suit your kitchen’s specific dimensions. You can buy these cabinets online with a flat-rate shipping cost. 


These plants are easy to take care of since they require very little watering, but it is important that they get a lot of sunlight. There are countless variety of succulents (sometimes referred to as cacti) and most of them grow steadily throughout the year without shedding their leaves. The aloe vera plant is especially popular because of the soothing properties of the gel within the leaves. Aloe can be mildly toxic for pets, however; but most other succulents won’t cause any problems for pets, though it’s important to check first.



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