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    Brilliant Solutions for a Galley Kitchen Layout

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    A galley-shaped kitchen consists of two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor with a lot of space between. It’s no surprise this layout is the chef’s favorite. Balancing between the cooktop and counter space while preparing delicious food is only one of the perks. Let’s find out more about why this kitchen layout is so amazing!



    Kitchen layouts are a lot more than just a shape and learning how to opt for the right layout is a bit more complicated than you might think. You see, choosing the right layout will give you more functionality. A great kitchen is all that if we get past the aesthetics. A gorgeous but poorly thought-out kitchen won’t give spectacular results when the time comes to prepping food. That’s why we’re giving you all the information on the galley kitchen layout. It might be perfect for you but it could also be wrong for you. It’s better to know early than to be sorry. 



    What is a galley-shaped kitchen?


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    • A galley kitchen is a long, narrow kitchen that has base cabinets, wall cabinets, counters, and appliances located on both sides of a walkway.



    • The galley layout is most commonly selected for small rooms or open-plan spaces. It’s important to maximize wall space and keep your kitchen area neat.


    • A double galley kitchen should ideally be around 5 feet wide. But if you live alone you may be able to get away with as narrow as 3.2 feet if you’re challenged for space.


    • If your room is 3.2 feet wide, you may find it preferable to opt for a single galley and install all your appliances along one counter.


    • A double galley is an easy layout to install the working triangle arrangement. Positioning your sink, fridge, and cooktop at three points within reach while still allowing each appliance its own space.


    • It’s also ideal for working zones as you can easily install different points of interest.


    • Don’t forget that with a single galley kitchen, there may be the possibility of adding a kitchen island or breakfast bar. 




    How to get the best out of your galley kitchen


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    • A golden rule for making a room seem wider and more spacious is to use light colors in cabinetry. This gives you a lot of flexibility; you can keep it simple by mixing white and gray kitchen cabinets.


    • Reflective surfaces can help to make a space seem more bright and open by reflecting the light around the room. An effective galley kitchen idea can involve white base and wall cabinets, broken up by a colored splashback for more contrast.


    • You could have base cabinets and wall cabinets on one side of your kitchen but also merge any other tall appliances into this side. Adding a wide pantry cabinet or a double oven cabinet is another option. 


    • On the other side, you can stick to base cabinets, allowing your kitchen space to feel roomier. This approach works particularly well in an open-plan galley kitchen.


    • Open shelves are another option and can serve a second purpose as a decorative feature in a galley kitchen.


    • A simple but elegant lighting design for the galley kitchen is to install a row of pendant lights. They can be running through the middle, illuminating the walkway through the kitchen. Maintaining the symmetry of the parallel counters is a bonus.


    • If you want your lighting to be more subtle, simple LED spotlights in the ceiling are the way to go. 


    • A wall mirror on one side of your galley kitchen will make space seem bigger, and reflect light around the space more effectively.






    Choosing the right kitchen layout is easy if you have enough space to improvise. But if your space is limited, the right layout will give you functionality, enough storage, and room for you to easily move around. If this layout isn’t perfect for you, maybe an L-shaped kitchen is. 


    Nelson cabinetry offers a free 3D kitchen design and that’s a great opportunity for you to explore your options with professionals. And if you engage now, a 10% discount on cabinetry is all yours. 




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