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What is the Best Place to Buy Kitchen Cabinets: Online or in a Store?


Online cabinet stores are a sign of the times. For our parents and grandparents before them, shopping at showrooms to buy their kitchen cabinets was the norm, but the dawn of e-commerce has changed the way that consumers interact with and purchase merchandise. This even applies to large items like kitchen cabinets that are such an essential part of our kitchens. Whichever path you decide to go down, there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to take into account that will make all the difference in determining whether or not your expectations will be met.  




Advantages of buying cabinets online 


Convenience: You can shop at any time, from any place while chatting with online store operators via a live chat mechanism every step of the way.  

Cash Savings: Because online stores do not incur the overhead costs of running a brick and mortar store, they are able to price their cabinets lower, which results in massive savings for consumers. 

Free Design Input: Assistance from a kitchen designer is often only a request away. Most online stores provide a kitchen design service at no extra cost.  

Use of 3D Design Software: Most online stores make use of software that generates 3D renderings of what their merchandise will look like if it was  installed in your home. This way you can discover how various colors and styles of cabinets will look like in your space.  

Customer Support: Real-time assistance is provided on online retailers’ websites in the form of chatbots, live chat widgets, and query form  submissions.  




Disadvantages of buying kitchen cabinets online 


No Showroom: Unless samples are ordered (often at an extra cost), there is no opportunity for tactile inspection of the cabinets.  

New and Unestablished Retailers: There are new stores entering the online cabinetry market every day with indeterminable experience and  credentials. Reviewing customer feedback and ratings and checking whether retailers are Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited can help you to verify the authenticity of sellers.  




Advantages of buying kitchen cabinets in-store 


Human Connection: Having a human being to discuss your kitchen cabinets options with in-person can create a bond and a sense of trust that  is difficult to replicate by chatting over the phone or over email.  

Tactile Interaction: You can be assured of the quality of the kitchen cabinets by coming into contact with them in a showroom or store display. 

Visual Confirmation: Kitchen cabinets can look different from their images online depending on the lighting, flooring, and other variables.  Seeing them in person can give you a true sense of what they really look  like.  




Disadvantages of buying kitchen cabinets in-store 


Inconvenience: Finding the time to walk, drive, or take public transport  to a kitchen cabinetry store to view their products can be a major  inconvenience. Having to return to the premises every time there is a  dispute or query with your order or to scheduled meetings with a designer  is an even bigger inconvenience.  

Expensive: The costs of maintaining a physical storefront or showroom are included in the mark-up of the items sold in the store.  

The Designers are often the Salespeople: Juggling sales and design is no  small feat and the shop assistants often have to do both for minimal  hourly wages. These factors contribute to the likelihood of a hurried  design job filled with numerous delays.  


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