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     Chrome vs Brushed Nickel vs Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware 

    Your to-do list for your kitchen remodel is long, but we are here to shorten it – starting with helping you select your kitchen hardware finishes. Do not panic if  you are overwhelmed by the many available options, as help is near. Let’s take  a look at the most in-demand kitchen hardware metals, namely: chrome,  brushed nickel, and stainless steel. An in-depth comparison of the differences in  color, composition, and usability of the top-tier trio of kitchen hardware will  equip you with the knowledge that you need to make a well-informed choice.  




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    Chrome or Brushed Nickel 

    Chrome possesses a bright silver tone that is almost mirror-like in its reflective  capabilities. Chrome kitchen hardware typically has a brass, copper, or zinc core  with a chromium metal veneer. It is favored as a material for kitchen hardware  because it is lustrous, noncorrosive, and weighs very little. The pitfalls of  chrome kitchen hardware include frequent cleaning as its glossy and polished  surface emphasizes scrapes and fingerprints. It can also generate a reflective  glare in certain light and low-quality chrome is susceptible to flaking and  peeling off.  


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    Chrome hardware is best suited to kitchens in cool colors, such as black, gray,  and white due to its blue undertones. In contrast, brushed nickel is a warmer  shade of metal that complements various shades of wood well. It is, therefore,  ideally suited to farmhouse, modern and traditional kitchen styles. 

    Brushed nickel consists of a metal core with nickel plating that has been etched  with a wire brush to give it a subtle grainy texture. The merits of brushed nickel  are that its color conceals fingerprints and abrasions better than other metals; it  

    is also resistant to corrosion but can become dull and tarnished with age. A  lacquer coating can, however, delay the maturation process. Brushed nickel  additionally requires regular upkeep, such as rubbing clean and polishing, so  that it does not become stained and discolored. 


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    Brushed Nickel vs Stainless Steel  

    In a test of durability, stainless steel will always come out on top. This is  because stainless steel kitchen hardware is composed of solid metal, as opposed  to chrome and brushed nickel plating. Stainless style kitchen hardware is the  perfect fit for modern and utilitarian kitchen designs due to its industrial look. 

    Its heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant properties make it a mainstay in  professional kitchens. A drawback of solid stainless steel is that it is expensive,  but kitchen hardware with stainless steel veneers is an alternative if you’re on a  budget.  




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    Mixed Metals: Brushed Nickel vs Chrome vs Stainless Steel  

    Variety is the spice of life. At the end of the day, why choose between chrome  and stainless steel when you can use a different finish for various kitchen  hardware components. Combining different metallic finishes for your kitchen  hardware will make for an interesting and innovative design that is unique to  your style. It is, however, important to ensure that they share the same color  palette. For instance, a stainless steel sink faucet and chrome cabinet pulls  would be a complimentary choice because they are both cool colors.  

    When selecting kitchen hardware, you must make sure that they match the cabinets. However, there is no need to worry about coordinating with white  shaker cabinets. Their versatility makes them the ultimate neutral backdrop for  any kitchen hardware finish. Find out more about this timeless canvas for your  hardware choices from Nelson Cabinetry by dialing 832-998-6598 or emailing  us at info@nelsonkb.com. We can tell you everything about white shaker  cabinets so that you can be in the know! 



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