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Practical and Beautiful: Kitchen Upgrades That Are Both

Kitchen designs are more than just functional spaces, they can be works of art. Remodeling doesn’t have to be (and in the end, it is not supposed to be) hard or overwhelming. It should be a joyful process, full of inspiration and creativity. With that in mind, in this article, we’re going to write about some practical, yet beautiful kitchen upgrades that will make your home a more joyful space.



You can choose to update your cabinets or countertops with high-end materials like granite, quartz, wood veneers, or laminate. Or you can opt for a more budget-friendly route and embellish your cabinets with wallpaper, contact paper or even paint. 


Many people think that only expensive cabinets are beautiful and high-quality. That is far from the truth. The best pieces you could ever invest in are timeless, plywood cabinets with solid wood doors. They will last longer and will follow any trend. And the best thing is that Nelson Cabinetry offers them in two collections: white and gray at wholesale prices. 



Embellishing can transform the home design and give it a fresh look without breaking the bank. Small decorative touches like cushioned stools and fresh art can provide a much-needed focal point to overworked kitchens.


Grommets are a simple addition that can be incredibly helpful in your kitchen. Put them on cabinets or drawers that contain frequently used items, so they are easy to open and close. Generally, grommets are used for cupboard doors, but if you have deep cabinets or drawer chests, you might want to create custom grommet inserts for them as well.




An expandable dining table is perfect whether you’re having dinner with your family or hosting a large party. This table easily extends to accommodate larger groups of people. Make sure your guests are impressed with this upgrade.



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Using under-cabinet lighting will give your kitchen a clean, modern look. Not only are these lights great for adding style to the room, but they also provide light where you need it most.



Create a cooking station. You can also call this island or peninsula or nook, depending on the shape and size of your space. All this means is that you’re going to create a space where the cook can move around more freely and work with ease. It’s a great way to add functionality to your kitchen, especially if it is small.



Installing metallic appliances is a practical upgrade that also adds visual interest to the kitchen. It’s also a good way to feel like you’re getting something new for just a little bit of money. You can find appliance packages at home-improvement stores, which allow you to get new appliances in a certain color (usually black, white, or stainless steel) for only slightly more than the price of one appliance.



When remodeling or decorating your home it’s important to think about both practicality and beauty. One doesn’t exclude another, and a combination of both is a bingo. When upgrading your kitchen, it’s best to start with the bigger parts such as cabinets or appliances. They are the most important and most used parts of your kitchen, so it’s important to choose high-quality pieces that you won’t regret investing in. After that, everything else is just a fun game you play in your kitchen.



Make sure you’ve done your research before you start anything. If you’re not sure about buying your cabinets online, or organizing your kitchen, contact our experts for a free consultation at info@nelsonkb.com. We at Nelson Cabinetry are looking forward to helping you design your dream kitchen!


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