20 Kitchen Bar Design Inspirations

  Have you ever had thoughts of livening up your kitchen’s design with a bar?  It doesn’t matter if you enjoy family dinners after work or entertain often; a  kitchen bar is always fashionable and practical. If you have an open concept home, a bar can assist with distinguishing the kitchen from other living spaces.  […]

Top Five Ideas for a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

  Is your pet safe in your kitchen? If you’re unsure then you need to think twice about implementing pet-friendly measures into your kitchen remodel. While kitchens are designed to cater to your friends and family, they can be potentially hazardous to pets that can hurt themselves on slippery floors or accidentally consume a toxic […]

5 Different Types of Kitchen Pantries

  A roomy and sizable kitchen pantry is one of life’s simple pleasures. Its usefulness extends to both organization and storage. Depending on the size of your kitchen (and your budget) there are various ways to insert a pantry into your kitchen area. The kitchen’s floor plan and the magnitude of the available space in […]

Hands-Free Appliances and Accessories for a Kitchen of the Future

  What’s the point of all this new technology existing if you’re not making any use of it? The use of technology in the kitchen helps to lighten the load – literally and figuratively. It makes all the tasks (big and small) that you need to perform so much simpler. Not to mention it’s so […]

Brilliant Solutions for a Galley Kitchen Layout

White Galley Kitchen

  A galley-shaped kitchen consists of two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor with a lot of space between. It’s no surprise this layout is the chef’s favorite. Balancing between the cooktop and counter space while preparing delicious food is only one of the perks. Let’s find out more about why this kitchen […]

These 3 Kitchen Cabinets Are A Must-Have in a Modern Kitchen

White Shaker Cabinetry SR06, SR09

      It’s great when kitchen cabinetry design changes and becomes better, more practical, and more efficient. Having an ally in the kitchen that works with you and makes your life easier is the ultimate goal. That’s why every kitchen lover should have these 3 kitchen cabinets.       Back in the day, […]

These 2021 Kitchen Trends Actually Make Sense

Induction Cooktops in a Modern Kitchen

      You know when you’re browsing kitchen trends but every other suggestion feels like it’s not meant for you? Aesthetics are great… but is that everything? We beg to differ. That’s because we have a list of kitchen trends that actually combine form with function, showing that it’s never necessary to choose either […]

Facts You Should Know Before Choosing an L Shaped Kitchen

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection U-Shape Kitchen with Glass Door Cabinets

      Optimal kitchen layout sets your kitchen’s functionality into stone. Renovating for the first time or buying a home requires the same kitchen planning. If you’re going with an L-shaped kitchen, Nelson cabinets have all the information you will need.     Kitchen designs and layouts have changed a lot in the last […]

Your White Kitchen Will Look Amazing with These Countertops

Countertops that go with white cabinets

      Year after year, a white kitchen is a favorite among designers and homeowners. But what about the countertops? With so many to choose from, it’s good to get professional advice on which ones go best with your white cabinets. We got the latest info so let’s find out.       White […]

Everything You Need to Know About A Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen

White Shaker Cabinets to Ceiling

      Traditional and transitional kitchen styles are quite popular even in 2021. But what is the actual difference between these styles? Here are the basics and guidelines on how to achieve both looks and what makes them so appealing for kitchen cabinet shoppers.       Whether you’re already renovating or planning to […]

These 4 Kitchen Styles Are Making Interior Designers WORK!

Mirror Backsplash Luxury Kitchen

      With so many kitchen styles, choosing the right one for you can seem like a neverending story. And with so many question marks, the answers usually multiply. From a country-style kitchen to a modern-style kitchen, we are taking you on a journey where we will visit all that and everything between.   […]

4 DIY Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Installing Hardware on White Shaker Cabinets

      If you are an experienced DIYer, with all the right know-how, this article will still be useful by improving your working methods. We are going to walk you through the basics of how to remodel your kitchen and let you know when is the time to call a professional.       […]

Top 6 Kitchen Layouts You Need to Know

White Galley Kitchen

      If you’re planning a kitchen, there are a few essential kitchen layouts you need to know. You may start with the style but what makes a kitchen enjoyable has little to do with the way it looks. The perfect layout is what makes a kitchen functional and we’re gonna show you how. […]

Assembly Guide: RTA Cabinets

      RTA kitchen cabinets often come at a lower price. Making your money worth and saving up can give you extra benefits when renovating your kitchen. But if assembling cabinets yourself seems challenging to you, this video guide will show you the simple truth.       A kitchen renovation starts with a […]

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