Advantages of Assembly Video Tutorials for RTA Cabinets

Although ready-to-assemble cabinets have redefined home kitchen design, not all manufacturers keep the end customer in mind either when designing their products or creating the assembly instructions. Some manufacturers’ instructions for putting furniture or cabinets together are so notoriously difficult to follow that many customers have taken matters into their own hands and created video tutorials. Other companies, on the other hand, are more customer-oriented and provide documents with instructions along with video tutorials. Nelson Cabinetry, for example, is constantly updating its collection of video tutorials for home assembly of its RTA Shaker cabinets. Read on to find out what some of the advantages to video assembly tutorials are and why so many clients are turning to this medium for assembly instructions.


You’ll Never Lose the Instructions

When putting a piece of furniture like a kitchen cabinet together, things often get moved around. Without an excellent sense of organization, it’s possible to misplace a bolt or two, and maybe even the instructions themselves. You’re going to want to have the instructions on hand even after assembly just in case of remodeling, renovations, or upkeep. With video tutorials, the instructions are just a few clicks of the mouse away, whether you’re using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Easy to Share

Maybe your parents are always ready to give you some advice when you have questions about household repairs and maintenance. If you’ve got access to a video tutorial, it’s a cinch to just send along a link to the video to anybody who might be giving you some feedback about the assembly, be it a parent, friend, or spouse.


Facilitating Phone Consultation

When you buy ready-to-assemble cabinets from Nelson Cabinetry, there’s customer support from the planning process up through assembly. If you want to consult with one of our customer service representatives during assembly and you have access to a video tutorial, letting the representative know where you are in the process is as easy as letting them know where you are in the video, or the “time signature” (one minute and two seconds into a video, for example, is “1:02”). This way, you and the cabinet specialist can look at the video together and address any questions that you might have.


All-Around Views of Assembly

Have you ever found yourself turning an assembly diagram every which-way, trying to figure out which way is up? Sometimes with views that are just text and static images, it can be difficult to envision how they translate into three dimensions. Video footage or computer simulation give you an improved view of how the different parts and hardware go together, and how to position everything during the assembly process in order to work most effectively with all the different components.


Related Content

You can search the other videos posted by the manufacturer to check out related content. Say you have a corner cabinet lazy Susan and are considering a 30″ wall cabinet to go along with it. You can look for a video that provides a tutorial for other items such as a wall cabinet to estimate how much time will go into assembly and make further plans from there.


More than Just Assembly

There are tutorials dedicated not just to assembling products but to more general themes such as preparing your kitchen for new cabinets or converting your shaker sink cabinet base into an apron or farmhouse sink base. Being able to visualize each of the individual steps will give you an idea of how such a transformation will alter the look of your kitchen, what the different phases of the conversion will be, and how much work it will involve.