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Add These 7 Features To Your Custom Home

Building a custom home is always challenging. The entire process can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you have countless home features in mind. However, it’s also an excellent opportunity to make your custom home exactly how you want it.



You have numerous options when it comes to adding features to your custom home. If you’re confused with the choices available, you can work with a reliable custom home builder to get wonderful ideas suitable for your needs. For more information about custom home builders, you can check out this recommended site and other similar sources online.


Your custom home must reflect your lifestyle, preferences, and aesthetics. So, here are some of the features you may add to your house:

Hidden Rooms

The best thing about a custom home is that you can include quirks you may not find anywhere else. A hidden room is one of the unique features you can incorporate into your home.


You can use dead space in your home and turn it into your library, extra room for your collection, or a hidden gym room. Depending on your preferences, you can use trap doors, closet doors, or false walls to enter the hidden room.


There are other ideas you can consider for using your extra home space. Some places to include hidden rooms may consist of larger closets, under the stairs, and attics.

Customized Built-Ins

If you need ample storage, another custom home feature you can add is customized built-ins. When done correctly, these built-ins can maximize your space. For example, you can opt for built-in custom cabinets, so you don’t need to deal with free-standing shelving and cabinets.


Some storage ideas you may consider are as follows:

  • Window Seating: Create built-in benches with storage underneath, like what you often see in mudrooms.
  • Customized TV And Entertainment Units: These may help hide wires and cables while providing extra space for other devices like gaming consoles.
  • Built-In Sponge Storage: It’s a good idea to free up some counter space. So, add drawers under your sink whenever possible to create built-in sponge storage.


Working with a custom home builder will help you assess the spaces that could serve a purpose. They also know which areas you can add extra hidden storage.

Window Backsplash

If you prefer a modern kitchen design, you can never go wrong with a window backsplash. A window is best to use as a backsplash since it’s easy to maintain. In addition, a window backsplash is beautiful and an excellent way to add ventilation and natural lighting.


For a better design, create pass-through windows. These connect your custom home’s exterior and interior parts, which can be an excellent feature if you want to create an outdoor or indoor space to gather, cook, and eat.


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Smart Technology

With today’s tech advances, smart technology is a good addition to your custom home. It allows you to control the electricity and power while you’re away, reducing your monthly energy bills. Moreover, it offers an extra security layer for your home.


While it’s a bit expensive, investing in smart technology devices is worth it. From thermostats for better temperature control to smart refrigerators reminding you to buy eggs, you can monitor your home even if you’re far away or at work.

Outdoor Living Spaces Or Kitchen

If you don’t want to waste your outdoor space, you can turn it into your own outdoor oasis, adding value to your home. It doesn’t always need to include lawn furniture, a patio, or a pool unless you want a luxurious outdoor living space.



Depending on your preferred outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, you can include various items, such as a bar area, built-in surround sound, comfortable furniture, a grill, and more. You may also add heat lamps or a fireplace to enjoy your outdoor area year-round.

Guest Suite

Adding a guest suite is an ideal feature in your custom home. This is especially true if your friends or parents often visit you during the holidays. Sometimes referred to as mother-in-law suites, these may include a bathroom, kitchen, and a private entrance to make your guests feel more comfortable and settle in easier.


If you have kids or pets, you need a mudroom. Creating one can help you keep your home clean. Often, a mudroom can be quickly accessed from the back, side, or front yards. It may include hampers to catch dirty items and benches for changing shoes. You can also use a mudroom as your laundry room. Having this kind of space in your house keeps your house tidy, allowing you to avoid unnecessary messes.




A custom home often involves lots of decisions. While it’s tempting to incorporate various design trends, you should carefully choose what features to add to your home. If possible, spend money on features that add value to your custom home and not on trendy fads that could affect your property’s future resale value. For best results, work with the best custom home builders in your area to turn your dream property into a reality.

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