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8 Methods for Covering Existing Kitchen or Bath Countertops


New countertops are a luxury that not everyone can afford. If you feel that your kitchen or bathroom countertops need an update, but your budget won’t allow a  complete replacement then consider investing in countertop covers. Kitchen or bath countertops are like magic, it’s like sprinkling fairy dust over your outdated counters and turning them into a thing of beauty. And that’s not even the best part of using countertop covers. The money saved by exercising your  DIY option by installing the countertop covers yourself and saving the environment by refurbishing your old countertops, far exceeds any other benefits. I’ve caught your interest now haven’t I? Read on for the eight best ways of covering your kitchen or bath countertops.  



  1. DIY Countertop Refinishing Kit 

Countertop refinishing kits contain the tools and materials needed to resurface your existing kitchen or bathroom laminate countertops into a new and improved version.  


  1. Countertop Film 

If you need a solution (and fast) for your outdated kitchen or bath countertops then countertop film will take care of the problem. It is similar, albeit denser, inconsistency to contact sheets of paper. In regard to application, squeezing out the air bubbles can be a bit tricky, but it otherwise just sticks to the surface that you are covering.  


  1. New Laminate Overlay  

It’s time to replace the old with the new! Resurface your Formica or Wilsonart laminate with new laminate sheets that are more malleable and better for the environment as well.  


  1. Tiling  

Everywhere that you look in the home there is a use for tiles; showers, kitchen backsplash, and floors you name it! It’s not that much a stretch of the imagination to use tiles as an overlay for your countertops from yesteryear. Just keep in mind that the quality of the materials that you use is essential for longevity, so use porcelain or ceramic tiles for an overlay that lasts for years to come. 


  1. Spray Paint 

You don’t have to be Picasso to grab a bottle of spray paint and blast some color onto your old laminate kitchen or bath countertops. Just remember to say no to a  glossy finish and select a matte color so that scratches aren’t as visible.  


  1. Concrete Layer 

A concrete countertop no longer has to be a lofty dream, due to the hassle of casting concrete slabs on top of your kitchen cabinets. It’s simply easier and requires significantly less labor to apply cement leveler in thin coats to your old kitchen or bathroom countertops and voila there you have it – an industrial aesthetic thanks to your concrete slab-like countertops! 


  1. Granite Overlay 

Transform your existing kitchen or bathroom countertops from dull and dreary to sleek and modern with modular granite, also known as granite overlay.  Modular granite is produced specifically as a countertop overlay. It consists of pieces of granite that have been cut into slim and compact 16-18 inch slabs that you can use to cover the countertop surface area.  


  1. Wood Overlay 

If you’ve always been in favor of the farmhouse kitchen style but lacked the finances to implement the design in your own chicken then today’s your lucky day. All you need are sheets of bamboo plywood or planks of hardwood to cover your old kitchen countertops for a new look, which invokes the hallmark of rustic kitchen design – the butcher’s block.  


You can always use the excuse of resurfacing your countertops to update your kitchen cabinets as well. Your countertops do not attach themselves to thin air after all and require premium cabinetry to latch onto. Call Nelson Cabinetry at  832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation on a brand spanking new kitchen cabinets at prices that will be sure to seal the deal!



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