8 Elegant White Shaker Kitchen Designs That Will Inspire You


White shaker cabinets are a design classic. They offer a perfect canvas for designing your kitchen in any style, making them a perfect choice for your dream kitchen. We wanted to share with you some of the amazing white shaker kitchen designs that we fell in love with.

Metal Accents


Source: Christina Kim Interior Design


This kitchen combines white shaker cabinets with stainless steel appliances and gold accents, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. Mixing metal accents is a great way to make your kitchen sparkle!

Glamorous Kitchen Style


With some style and a dash of creativity, you can even make the refrigerator look elegant. Learn from this design: bring the glamour out with some fancy appliances, and then complement it with a subway tile backsplash.


Source: D. Burns Interiors

Modern Farmhouse


Source: Abbie Melle


Farmhouse design is back in style! This kitchen features a mix of glass-fronted cabinet doors and shaker-style cabinetry that give it a dynamic look. Tractor stools sit under the island bench, giving the kitchen some rustic accents.


Small Kitchen With Traditional Features


Source: Charlotte May


This kitchen found a perfect way to combine white cabinets with some traditional features and chic details while keeping the coziness and warmness of a small kitchen intact. A small kitchen with a big personality!

Tuxedo Kitchen


Black and white is undoubtedly a powerful combination. Tuxedo kitchens have slowly been gaining in popularity for the past few years, as a response to all-white kitchens. This is a dual-tone kitchen space with white cabinetry around the top or higher spaces and dark elements in the bottom.


Source: Ashton Woods



If you want to combine black and white, but the Tuxedo kitchen is too much for your taste, you can go monochromatic with some simpler details. Little details like vertical cabinet pulls combined with white shaker cabinets create a simple but elegant look.


Source: D. Burns Interiors

Nautical Kitchen


Maybe you like colorful kitchens more? Luckily, there are many different styles to explore. This nautical-style kitchen combines white cabinetry, dark blue tiles, and wood floors. Drawer and door pulls made of brass and wood give the cabinets seaworthy flair.


Source: McKinley Architects

Covered in Marble


And if you really want your kitchen to stand out, you can go with a floor-to-ceiling marble style. It’s dramatic and unexpected, but still simple and elegant. Floor-to-ceiling marble will add an edge even to the most traditional kitchen.


Source: Tara Kantor Interiors

Need More Inspiration?


So you can’t get enough of white shaker kitchens? Check out the amazing collection at Nelson Cabinetry for more inspiration. White shaker cabinets have been around for ages, and they’re not going anywhere. Their simplicity, versatility and elegance is what makes them a perfect choice for designing a dream kitchen. Stay tuned for more white shaker kitchen design inspiration!

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