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7 Types of Cabinet Moldings And How to Use Them Properly

Moldings are a matter of personal taste and they provide a finishing touch for kitchen cabinets. There are different kinds of moldings available to match every possible kitchen design. To make the options easier for you, we have selected the most common ones used in American kitchens.


Adding moldings to your kitchen cabinets, walls, or ceiling can visually transform any room from ordinary to beautiful. And no matter which style you choose, moldings can add depth, detail, and richness to your kitchen. They’ve been around for centuries, with early examples dating back to ancient Greece. And even though moldings were part of temples, now we use them as decorative elements in our homes. 


With such a variety of moldings, we have selected the 7 most common types you can find in American homes. 


Crown Molding

A decorative trim that sits at the top of the cabinet and provides a smooth transition from the cabinet to the ceiling is called crown molding. It comes in many shapes and sizes and adds detail that’s pleasing to the eye and indicative of the homeowner’s style.


Starter/Riser Molding

Riser molding paired with crown molding helps to raise the crown a bit higher to allow it to bond with the ceiling. This is a great choice if your crown molding isn’t quite thick enough to reach the ceiling and you want to close off the gap above your cabinets.


Light Rail Moldig

White Shaker Cabinetry LRM8
Nelson Cabinetry Kitchen Collection White Shaker Light Rail Molding


Also known as a light rail, molding on the bottom of cabinets helps conceal under cabinet lighting. Light molding offers a huge impact for your dollar. It’s often available as a standard cabinetry feature in many styles and lengths, meaning it has almost no impact on a budget.


Base Molding

This cabinet molding is also known as the bottom molding. Base moldings are great if you want your cabinets to look like a piece of furniture. It’s a great way to dress up your cabinetry and give it a fluid and continuous look.




Filler can fill unplanned space where the cabinet meets the wall. It can also fill the space between the cabinets so drawers and doors can open to their full capacity.


Toe Kick Molding


Toe kick molding is a simple addition that serves to cover the exposed wood under the bottom edge of your lower cabinets, giving it a clean look.


Scribe Molding


Gray Shaker Cabinetry SM8
Nelson Cabinetry Kitchen Collection Gray Shaker Scribe Molding

If your walls and ceilings are uneven or inconsistent, scribe molding is an easy solution. Scribe molding is a thin trim used to cover a small gap left between the backs of your cabinets and the wall. It gives the installation a cleaner look.




Corner Molding


This type of molding can be a part of almost any cabinet or shelf. Edge or corner molding goes on the outside edge or border of a cabinet or shelving. 


Skin Panels


Skin panels are decorative coverings used in kitchen design for aesthetic appeal. Skin panels cover the unfinished sides of the cabinet so that they will match the paint or stain chosen for your cabinet doors.





Molding, especially decorative moldings, will add new design elements to your cabinetry. The result is a room with a lot more character. And now that you know more about moldings, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge to your next kitchen renovation project.


And when in doubt, try a free 3D kitchen design and you’ll be one step closer to your dream kitchen. 

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