7 Easy Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen


Are you tired of your dull kitchen, but you’re not sure what you can do about it? You’re in luck because we bring you some budget-friendly ways to brighten up your beautiful kitchen!


From dull to bright with these awesome tips


The kitchen is the heart of our house, and it shouldn’t feel gloomy. Getting natural light inside the house, especially in the kitchen area, helps us stay calm while enhancing the overall style and the mood. On the other hand, poor lighting makes the room appear boring and unhappy. However, having natural light is not always a possibility, so we must seek other solutions.

Start With the Kitchen Cabinets


White shaker cabinets are considered a timeless classic, and they are a perfect choice when you want your kitchen to appear brighter, spacious, and more natural. For more inspiration on white shaker cabinets, you should definitely check out this amazing collection at Nelson Cabinetry. These cabinets illuminate the entire kitchen area and give the feel of natural light, making them a perfect choice for small and dull kitchens. For a brighter kitchen, white cabinetry is a must!


White shaker cabinets are a great way to add more brightness to your kitchen, and they look great!


Take Advantage of a Natural Light


Take advantage of any natural light you might have. If you have kitchen windows, an easy way to brighten up your space is to do less. If you’re worried about privacy, add translucent window film that still lets light in or use sheer curtains. The more natural light you have in the kitchen, the bigger it will feel.

Coordinating Wall Colors


A few days ago, we talked about choosing the perfect wall colors to pair with your white cabinets. For a kitchen that needs more light, it’s best to go for coordinating colors. That means painting your walls in beige, gray or greige, or simply going all white. These colors will reflect the natural light entering the room. Because dark colors absorb natural light, you should avoid them at all costs!

Hang a Mirror


A great trick to create an illusion of more light and space are mirrors. If you don’t already have one in your kitchen, now is the perfect time to install it! You can go traditional with a wall-hung mirror, or you can check out this article for more unique ideas on using a mirror in your kitchen. Try to mount it opposite, near a window, or the biggest source of light in the kitchen, so that it can reflect the maximum light. Either way you choose, you can’t go wrong!


Mirrors reflect the natural light

Add Pops of Color


Add some pops of color in the form of accents. This can be a colorful vase, piece of art, colorful cabinet door knobs, lampshades, flowers, rustic wood elements, and so on. This visual distraction will brighten up your space, as bright hues can add vibrancy to a dull kitchen.

Glass or Metallic Backsplash


Reflective surfaces are the best hacks to increase the feeling of brightness in your kitchen. Pick a glass or metallic option for your kitchen backsplash, as these will reflect light and add a glow to your kitchen while looking stylish.

Upgrade Your Artificial Light


This one might seem obvious, but using brighter lightbulbs in your kitchen will make a huge difference. Most kitchens use 60 watts or below. By upping the wattage to the highest amount for each fixture you can easily increase the brightness in your kitchen. Try to avoid recessed light, and opt for pendant lights. Pay attention to those spaces or corners where light doesn’t enter or reach. You can also install under cabinet lighting, as it can create a glow all around the kitchen.

Final Thoughts


The three main components of making the kitchen look brighter are colors, light and white cabinets. Instead of remodeling the entire kitchen, you can simply go for installing white shaker cabinets and pairing them up with coordinating wall colors. Pair it up with some reflective elements, such as mirrors, or glass, and metallic backsplashes. Install artificial light that actually works for your kitchen, and add some bright decorative pieces and accent colors for more vibrancy. You got this!

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