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    5 Top Ideas for a Two-toned Kitchen


    When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But, when life gives you different colors of cabinets, you make a two-toned kitchen! Two-toned kitchens are very popular right now, and it looks like they will be for quite a long time since many designers keep coming back to them. It’s an easy and fun style to create. Just splash some bold color on one wall of cabinets or the kitchen island or put neutral tones on the top and color on the bottom cabinets. Use these ideas below and you’ll feel confident in creating your two-toned kitchen.

    Contrasting game


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    The “rule” is to use two complementary yet contrasting colors. If your cabinet colors end up blending, then it might end up looking like a mistake. If your kitchen space is smaller, you could use deep gray and tone it down with some light wood. This way you’ll get an extra dash of falir in your kitchen.


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    Also, keep in mind that instead of picking two completely different colors such as blue and yellow, you can vary the tones for one single color such as light and dark yellow.


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    Bold colors, like vibrant orange or pink, can be overpowering if not toned down with a more neutral hue.

    Darker base


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    Use the darker of the two colors for your base cabinets. This will help to create a balance in the space. This isn’t a written rule, but in a smaller space, one of the biggest challenges is making the kitchen look bright and spacious. So you’ll want to keep your darker colors closer to the floor, while having the brighter colors up towards the ceiling.

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    Make your kitchen island the focal point

    Another great way to incorporate the two-toned trend in your kitchen is by accenting your kitchen island. If all your cabinets are one finish, spice up your kitchen with a bold color for your island. Marble and granite countertops are trendy right now. Choose countertops that play on both chosen colors.


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    Pick white marble with black veining to tie together the look in a black and white kitchen. There’s surely a stone to match any color combination you choose for your two-toned kitchen.

    Consistent hardware


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    The important thing to know is that the pulls and knobs you choose for your two-toned kitchen are going to be what ties the whole space together. If you want to increase the harmony in the kitchen, opt for bold hardware that complements both cabinet shades. That will also highlight the whole space.

    Rely on the color wheel


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    If you’ve already decided to go for a two-toned kitchen cabinet layout but are unsure where to start, use a simple tool: the color wheel. The rule of thumb is that adjacent colors on the color wheel work well together, as do complementary colors, which are across from one another.


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