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5 Refreshing Summer Kitchen Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Summer is the perfect time to give your kitchen a fresh new look. Whether you’re hosting backyard BBQs or just want a sunny, cheerful space, these five summer kitchen ideas will transform your cooking area into the ultimate warm-weather haven. From vibrant color schemes to clever storage hacks, we’ve got you covered. Ready to breathe new life into your kitchen? Let’s dive in!

Beach Style Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a coastal retreat with a few simple changes! Start by choosing oak cabinets. They give that natural, beachy feel without overwhelming the space. Oak’s warm tones perfectly complement a seaside theme.


Paint the walls in crisp white or soft blue to create a fresh backdrop. The light colors will make your oak cabinets stand out beautifully. For countertops, think about using quartz or marble in lighter shades. These materials not only look great but are also easy to clean.


Lighting is key. Opt for pendant lights with a nautical design, like lanterns or fixtures wrapped in rope. These lights will cast a warm glow, perfect for summer evenings. If you prefer natural light, keep window treatments light and breezy. Sheer curtains or Roman shades in white or pastel hues work best.


Don’t forget the floors! Light wood flooring or tiles that mimic the look of driftwood can tie the whole room together. Add a few strategically placed rugs in coastal patterns or colors to bring warmth and comfort underfoot.

Bright Galley Kitchen

White Galley Kitchen
White Galley Kitchen

Consider glossy, reflective surfaces. Glossy cabinets and countertops bounce light around, making the kitchen feel brighter. Stainless steel appliances also add a sleek, modern touch.


Maximize natural light. If you have windows, use sheer curtains or blinds to let in as much sunlight as possible. No windows? Opt for bright overhead lighting and under-cabinet LED strips to illuminate every corner.


Choose slim, functional furniture. Narrow tables or bar stools save space and keep the kitchen from feeling cluttered. Multi-functional pieces like a kitchen cart can provide extra storage and prep space without taking up too much room.


Choose light-colored flooring. Light wood or tiles in neutral shades can make the kitchen appear larger and more inviting. Rugs in bright, cheerful patterns can add a pop of color and comfort underfoot.

Two Toned White & Gray Kitchen

Nelson Cabinetry Two Toned Kitchen
Nelson Cabinetry Two Toned Kitchen

Want a sleek, modern look for your kitchen? Go for a two-toned white and gray design. It’s stylish, clean, and easy to achieve. Start with the cabinets. Use white for the upper cabinets to make the space feel open and airy. Gray lower cabinets add depth and sophistication. Pair these with neutral countertops. Light-colored quartz or marble works well. They tie the white and gray together seamlessly.


Choose stainless steel appliances. They complement both colors and add a modern touch. Plus, they’re easy to clean. For the backsplash, consider subway tiles in a soft gray or white. They’re timeless and add texture without overwhelming the space.


Lighting is key. Use pendant lights over the island or dining area. Choose fixtures in metallic finishes like chrome or brushed nickel. Under-cabinet lighting can highlight the countertops and provide extra brightness.


Flooring should be light and neutral. Think light wood or gray tiles. They enhance the two-toned theme without clashing.

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Timeless White Shaker Kitchen

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection Straight Wall with Plate Rack
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection Straight Wall with Plate Rack

A white shaker kitchen is always in style. It’s simple, elegant, and fits any home.


Start with the cabinets. White shaker cabinets offer clean lines and a classic look. They’re versatile and blend with any decor. Pair them with white or light countertops. Quartz and marble are top picks. They’re durable and keep your kitchen bright.


Subway tile backsplash? Yes, please! It adds texture without stealing the show. Stick to white for a seamless feel.


Consider open shelving. It’s a great way to display favorite dishes or decor. It keeps the kitchen open and personalized. Add some greenery. Potted plants or fresh herbs bring color and life. They also add a touch of nature.

Bold Navy Blue Kitchen

Full view of a kitchen with blue shaker cabinets

Want a kitchen that’s both bold and timeless? Go for blue shaker cabinets. They’re stylish and unique.


Start with the cabinets. Blue shaker cabinets make a strong statement. They add personality and depth to your kitchen. Pair them with contrasting countertops. White quartz or marble will pop against the blue. It keeps the space bright and elegant.


For the backsplash, try something different. White subway tiles are classic, but consider a patterned tile for extra flair. It adds visual interest. Choose stainless steel or matte black appliances. Both finishes look great with blue. Stainless steel is sleek and modern; matte black adds a touch of drama. Lighting sets the mood. Pendant lights over the island or dining area are perfect. Choose brass or bronze fixtures for warmth. Under-cabinet lighting highlights the workspace.


Keep hardware simple yet stylish. Brass handles and knobs add a warm touch. Chrome works too if you prefer a cooler look. Open shelving can showcase your style. Display colorful dishware or unique decor items. It adds personality and keeps the kitchen open.


Final Thoughts

Incorporating these five refreshing summer kitchen ideas can transform your space into a bright, inviting haven. At Nelson Cabinetry, we offer the best RTA cabinets to help bring your vision to life. Plus, our free 3D kitchen design service ensures your new kitchen is both beautiful and functional. Ready to get started? Contact us today to create your dream summer kitchen!

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