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5 Reasons To Avoid Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Schemes

Multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, often called network marketing or pyramid selling, operate on a model where current members gain incentives for enrolling new sellers. These incentives typically come from a fraction of the recruits’ sales. The recruits become part of the distributor’s ‘downline.’



This model may seem profitable but carries significant risks. In this article, you’ll learn the reasons to steer clear of these ventures and the steps to take if you find yourself in one. Discover why MLM schemes may not be as lucrative as they appear.

Understanding MLM Schemes

MLM schemes are structured to benefit those at the top disproportionately. Sites like scamrisk.com reveal that for most participants, the return on investment is minimal if it exists at all. Centerforworklife notes that recognizing the structure of an MLM is crucial to avoid being entangled in a potentially exploitative situation.



These schemes are often in the guise of legitimate business opportunities. However, more research usually uncovers that profit for the few comes at the expense of many. This reality propels the narrative that many MLMs veer closely to being outright scams.


With this understanding of MLM schemes, explore the reasons to avoid them.

  • Not Sustainable

MLM schemes significantly lack sustainability. They depend on the relentless recruitment of new members, a model that eventually runs out of steam. When recruitment slows, the revenue stream for those at the bottom dries up, causing the structure to collapse.

Without a consistent influx of recruits, those at the lower levels cannot sustain their earnings. This leads to a high dropout rate, with most members leaving having made little to no profit. The MLM’s unsustainable cycle eventually collapses.

  • Expensive To Join

Joining an MLM comes with hefty upfront costs. These costs, encompassing membership fees, starter kits, and essential product purchases, are necessary to remain active in the scheme. This financial barrier is a hefty price for a promise of potential returns.

Beyond the initial costs, ongoing expenses such as training, marketing materials, and event attendance add up. These additional investments can compound the financial strain with no guaranteed payoff.

  • Difficult To Succeed In

Success in MLMs is not the norm; it’s an exception. Statistically, a tiny percentage of MLM participants achieve the advertised financial freedom. For most, the income generated doesn’t cover the costs incurred, leading to net losses.

The challenge comes from market saturation and the competitive nature of sales. Distributors often try to sell products in an oversaturated market, where demand doesn’t meet the supply, making profitability an elusive goal.

  • Can Damage Relationships

MLMs strain personal connections. Distributors sometimes pressure friends and family into joining, leading to tension and conflict. There are countless tales of ruined friendships and family disputes because of MLM schemes.

  • Unethical

MLM schemes often resort to deceptive marketing strategies. They target vulnerable individuals with promises of financial freedom and are often far from the truth. There’s substantial evidence showing the exploitative tendencies of these tactics.


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Signs That A Business Is An MLM Scheme

Identifying an MLM scheme involves vital indicators. First, pay attention to how a company structures its compensation plan. If the emphasis is more on recruiting new members rather than selling actual products, you’re likely dealing with an MLM. This setup ensures that money primarily flows from the recruits to those higher in the hierarchy, not through legitimate sales.


The financial commitments required for joining can also be revealing. MLM schemes often ask for significant initial investment from new distributors, a cost you might not quickly recoup through sales alone. Such high entry fees are a strategic part of their business model, making money off recruits rather than through marketable products or services.


Lastly, consider the nature of the products and the company’s communication transparency. MLMs are known for offering products of either low quality, overpriced, or both. Additionally, a company’s lack of clear information about its operations or product specifics is a red flag. These firms operate on an exclusive sales model where products are available exclusively through their network, usually at marked-up prices.

How To Leave An MLM Scheme

If you end up in an MLM scheme, don’t worry. There’s a safe way to cut ties and save money for future legitimate investments. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Cut Contact with Your Upline: It’s best to sever ties with those who might try to persuade you to remain. Actively choose not to engage with any further communication from your upline.
  • Unload Your Inventory: Selling any products you have left can help recoup some of your investment, mitigating financial losses. If you have any incoming shipments, cancel them immediately.
  • Reach Out to Your Loved Ones: Family can offer moral support and may benefit from understanding the risks associated with MLMs. Extend apologies, especially if you’ve pushed them away after joining an MLM scheme.
  • Inform Your Downline: It’s your responsibility to explain to those you’ve recruited why you’re leaving and share the realities of the scheme. Maintain transparency and honesty when communicating with your downline.
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe: Leaving an MLM can be a stressful experience. It’s essential to take time for self-care during this transition.


Remember, it’s not your fault someone fished you into an MLM scheme. It’s good that you know the risks of joining one and made the first step to break away from it.


The allure of MLM schemes can be tempting, but the risks are steep. Before considering an MLM opportunity, weigh these risks carefully. Always approach with caution and do thorough research when looking for a new business venture. Support groups are available for those impacted by MLMs to help you navigate the aftermath of involvement in these schemes.


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