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5 Ideas On How To Update Your Wet Bar




A wet bar is what almost every homeowner wants: a place for entertaining, relaxing, and having fun. Back in the day, every home had one and that’s probably the reason why your favorite downstairs getaway is showing its age. Should you give up your wet bar or can you save it, that’s the question and we’ve got you covered.




A wet bar is a popular option for homeowners who have enough space in the house to create an oasis for themselves, friends, and family. A separate room for entertaining is usually placed in a basement though it may also be off to the side of the dining room or kitchen.


The wet bar’s popularity has already had its peak and a dry bar has its perks for two simple reasons:


  • The space in a home may not be big enough for having a separate entertaining space
  • A dry bar is a lot smaller than a wet bar and it fits anywhere


But what happens when you already have a wet bar but its outdated look and feel doesn’t make you feel so relaxed anymore? Should you give it up? Not necessarily. We’re giving you 5 amazing ideas on how you can get the best out of the existing setup.




Update your cabinets

Nelson Cabinetry White Slim Shaker Cabinets
Nelson Cabinetry White Slim Shaker Cabinets


This is an investment that needs some financial planning, but you don’t have to update your wet bar all at once. New cabinets are the biggest change you can make, and it’s worth finding the best option, like ready to assemble shaker cabinets. They are quite affordable and if you want to assemble them yourself, it can be a fun and rewarding project. If you use the cabinets as a small beverage center, you could also designate a space for storing drinks and snacks. Adding a shaker pantry cabinet could add a sleek touch and with a variety in sizing, a 30 inch wide pantry cabinet could be the perfect fit.




Replace old storage with open shelves

Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf
Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf


Wine storage tends to be more popular in new homes than a wet bar so with the addition of some open shelves, you can convert your wet bar to a wine bar! It will look amazing and your friends will feel that hint of sophistication even if they prefer other drinks. And with the right lighting, your wet bar will feel like it’s straight out of a magazine. 


Create a multi-purpose space


Your friends and family will appreciate the look and feel of the wet bar but to get the best out of your space, create a room for reading, studying, working, and entertaining! There are so many hours in a day and entertaining lasts only so long so make the best out of it. Your favorite books will finally be well organized and your wet bar will get upgraded with another bonus. 


And what about adding a work space, too? If you just can’t find that ideal space where you can work in your house, why not create one? If your kitchen feels crowded or you don’t have enough space for an office, create a desk with the kitchen cabinets you just ordered for your new favorite room. You know a modern-day office fits the theme you pick so it’s not going to look formal and you might be more productive in a room for yourself. 




Add a TV as an entertainment bonus


If your massive wet bar feels a little overbearing, replace the existing cabinets with a simpler style, like Shaker cabinets. Simplify and then add a few creature comforts. A wine bar and bookshelves are a great option, but what about a TV? You can put a new TV in your living room and take the one you have with you. It will look great on the wall with some accent color and you can watch a game, play music or transform it into a virtual fireplace. 



Create a space that works for you



Your home should be your own oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Especially during these hard times with Covid-19 with so many people feeling isolated, a cozy environment all your own could make you feel a little better. And if you can create a space with multiple purposes, do your best to get rid of unnecessary items. Only by paring down you can find space for something new. Be creative and practical: make a list of your needs and wants, and start planning. And remember, setting that plan in motion doesn’t have an expiration date so do it at your own convenience.






If you need help planning on how to use kitchen cabinets for your wet bar,

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