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5 Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Want to Steal Immediately

Everyone has their favorite spot in the house. Some prefer the dining area, while others prefer the sitting where they enjoy their favorite games. But the most common answer you’re likely to get is the kitchen. This is simply because it’s the busiest room in most households. If it’s not your favorite space at home, you can begin doing something about it by updating the design. 


The right design for your kitchen should be something that will look trendy for years. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re remodeling an old kitchen or designing a new one from scratch. The right design pieces, colors, and layout can make a difference. This post has all the latest design ideas to make your kitchen space look sharp and flawless.

1. Form Patterns with Tiles

Starting from the ground up, you want to ensure you get your flooring right by using the right tiles. This sets the tone for the kitchen layout. But don’t worry. This layout can vary from one person to the other. You want to ask yourself how often you use your kitchen space. This question is vital because it helps you avoid making purely aesthetic choices instead of balancing them between aesthetic and practical. Picking tiles should be no different. Most people would prefer the classic white subway tile, but you could get more stylish living accents from your local supply stores. You could use a playful geometric design or a herringbone pattern to add visual interest and character to your kitchen. 

2. Shake Things Up

Those who consider themselves messy cooks can leverage innovative design ideas like blending functional pieces to their advantage. So, instead of going for that marble countertop that would have stains, you can get something more suitable for your lifestyle but matches. In other words, you want to “un-kitchen” your kitchen. While your space should be a kitchen, it doesn’t have to necessarily feel like one. 


One way to approach this design is by adding essential pieces that resemble furniture and throwing in unexpected pops of color. Examples include a dedicated sitting area, preferably made of stain-resistant material, and a matching wallpaper. But you can also add some extra windows to bring in more natural light to boost the kitchen’s homey vibe. 


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3. Design Smart Storage Options

At times, defying the newest trends in kitchen design is necessary to create a long-lasting, practical environment for your family. If storage is essential to you, go against the trend of having low cabinets and installing them to make the most of your space. While open shelving may be aesthetically pleasing, it will become frustrating when your limited cabinet space becomes overcrowded.


Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection Straight Wall with Spice Rack
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection Straight Wall with Spice Rack


Experts, therefore, stress the significance of a well-considered storage strategy, which guarantees that every item in the kitchen has a designated location. For example, before beginning any design work, some interior designers would require their clients to provide a detailed inventory of household appliances and party supplies. Installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets along one whole wall is a good idea. 


The remaining space in the kitchen can be used more freely after one area is designated for all the organizing: sliding glass doors, open shelves, or a massive island with a Nancy Meyers vibe. Everything is possible. If you have a long row of cabinet doors, consider using cafe curtains as a more elegant but helpful way of covering them up. 

4. Pay Attention to Lighting


The lights in a space can drastically change the mood. Thus, you should think about including a variety of fixtures, such as sconces, pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, and cans. These allow you to create the ideal ambiance at any time by adjusting them to your liking.


But before you choose kitchen lights, consider how often you’d like to use the space. There ought to be ample light in the usually crowded parts of the sink and island. Keep in mind that the lighting for your counters should serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. So, take risks, try new things, and be imaginative.


5. Relocate The Kitchen


The fact that a kitchen was constructed in a particular location does not imply that it must remain there. This is particularly true if the kitchen is meeting your expectations, whether due to a poor supply of natural light or inadequate space when it comes time for cooking heavy meals. Relocating the kitchen, considered the home’s nerve center, may seem drastic. Still, it may be worthwhile to consider if doing so would increase the room’s functionality and comfort for you and your family.



The specific design you want is just around the corner since each of these five kitchen designs is gorgeous enough to get ideas flying for your next kitchen renovation or build-up. But remember to design a kitchen you won’t quickly find boring. Therefore, any design you pick should reflect your unique taste, be highly functional, and be comfortable. Plus, it must fit into the design of the rest of the rooms in your home. So carefully consider your choice of hardware, paint colors, cabinet designs, kitchen sinks, etc. 


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