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5 Different Types of Kitchen Pantries


A roomy and sizable kitchen pantry is one of life’s simple pleasures. Its usefulness extends to both organization and storage. Depending on the size of your kitchen (and your budget) there are various ways to insert a pantry into your kitchen area. The kitchen’s floor plan and the magnitude of the available space in its surroundings are the major considerations when deciding on a  suitable pantry style. Listed below are the five main types of pantry designs that you can choose from. 


Butler’s Pantry 

A butler’s pantry does not form part of the main kitchen. It is a different room,  typically located to the side of the kitchen and where tableware, cutlery, and kitchen workspaces were placed in the past. It was traditionally the place where the butler could cook and prepare the food while hidden from the prying eyes of the diners.  

Modern butler’s pantries are utilized as storage spaces for rarely used kitchenware, kitchen appliances, and dinnerware reserves. They, therefore,  contain sinks and faucets, cabinets and drawers, and shelves. If you need additional, concealed counter space and a storage area then a butler’s pantry is the best option for your home.  


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Walk-in Pantry 

The walk-in pantry is the best type of pantry you can possibly get. It serves as an extension of the main kitchen as an attached room – a room within a room – which stores foodstuffs and kitchen supplies so that it is easily accessible and does not overfill the kitchen itself.  

It is no small wonder that walk-in pantries are so popular in households with people who love to organize or have a big family, as they allow for the stockpiling of cooking supplies and non-perishable foods so that they are easily reachable and stored in an orderly manner. The downside of walk-in pantries,  however, is that they take up a lot of space, so it might not be a possibility to incorporate one into your kitchen area. They are also expensive to build as they require the removal and/or the addition of wall space to accommodate the extra room or closet. 


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Standalone Pantry 

If space is an issue, but you would still like the extra storage space that a pantry provides, then a standalone pantry is a good idea. A standalone or freestanding pantry is essentially a cabinet or any type of furnishing that assumes the function of a pantry. A major benefit of choosing a freestanding pantry option is that you have a lot of choices in terms of the positioning of the pantry.  

As with all cabinets, there are custom and in-stock options for standalone pantries. The pantry can either form part of a kitchen cabinet set or it can be customized to stand out in terms of color or design – the choice is yours. The doors, shelving, and drawers of freestanding pantries can also be built according to custom specifications.  


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Wall Pantry 

Unoccupied or excess kitchen wall space can be used to place a wall pantry,  which enhances your kitchen’s storage capacity. A wall pantry essentially fits within a kitchen’s wall. Once the wall pantry has been fitted, the wall space can no longer be used for kitchen cabinets or other items or furnishings.  

Wall pantries efficiently utilize space because they supply a vast magnitude of storage and keep all your goods concealed behind closed doors. The doors of your pantry can even be made to complement the color of the kitchen walls for an understated look.  


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Pull-Out Pantry 

For homeowners who do not have the luxury of dedicating an entire room or cabinet to a pantry then pull-out pantries are their best bet. Not only are they an ingenious invention but also beneficial because of their space-saving capabilities.  

Pull-out pantries are able to be fitted into pre-existing kitchen cabinets. They,  therefore, integrate with the kitchen design perfectly. Examples of pull-out pantry devices include Lazy Susans, revolving doors, and sliding shelving,  which offer much more space for storage than they appear to at first glance.  Pull-out pantries are further beneficial because they make it effortless to retrieve, stock, and view kitchen supplies. 


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With so many options at hand, there is a style of pantry out there for every homeowner to complete their fantasy kitchen. Nelson Cabinetry has a lazy  Susan available that will make storage seem like less of a chore. Give us a call at 832-998-6598 for your FREE consultation today.


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