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5 Common Rental Property Repairs Landlords Need to Know About

Regardless of your feelings, the lifespan of your rental property is a reality. Yet, the duration it remains a profitable asset is in your hands. Despite your best efforts, things will deteriorate over time. The speed at which you address these issues directly impacts your effectiveness as a landlord and the longevity of your property’s profitability. If you delay in resolving problems, your tenants’ satisfaction will suffer. 



Disgruntled tenants may not alert you about future issues or may delay their rent payments. Therefore, to ensure the smooth operation of your rental property, respond promptly to any issues that emerge. Continue reading to discover common rental property repairs that nearly every landlord will encounter.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors offer crucial early alerts that can potentially save lives and safeguard properties. As a property owner, your rental units should be equipped with working smoke detectors, particularly in bedrooms and corridors. 


Since smoke may spread slowly, have smoke detectors installed on each floor of your rental properties. The sooner you or your tenants detect a fire, the better the chances of reducing harm and damage.


However, a smoke detector only offers protection when it’s in proper working condition. To confirm the efficiency of your fire detection devices, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests conducting monthly battery checks and replacing smoke detectors every decade.

Electrical Work

Over time, electrical wiring can deteriorate. Substandard electrical work can lead to short circuits and pose significant risks. Naturally, residents expect their lighting to operate correctly, but they should contact you for any electrical repairs instead of attempting it alone.


Working with a rental management company can help you avoid such emergencies. They can hire a professional electrician for such fixes on your behalf. More hidden problems could be challenging to detect, yet an experienced professional would identify them. The cost to rectify these issues can range from around $140 to over $400, which may seem somewhat costly.


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Leakage from the Ceiling or Beneath the Windows

Water can be a silent destroyer to rental properties. If not managed promptly, it has the potential to damage wood, drywall, flooring, and every other part of your property. Even slight moisture can catalyze mold growth, which could lead to hefty remediation costs if it escalates. Therefore, any water-related issue reported by your tenant should be your top priority.


Engage a skilled contractor to inspect and resolve the issue without delay. When handling a water leak, avoid opting for the least costly service. This is the scenario where you need the best services. It’s beneficial to be aware if your property has water supply lines in the ceiling, so that in case of a leak, you’ll know to contact a plumber rather than a roofing contractor.

Clogged Toilets

Before a tenant settles in, it’s important to make them aware of their responsibilities. For example, they should handle any toilet clogs they cause. However, not all toilet blockages can be blamed on the tenant. 

At times, a clog might indicate a more serious issue. A blocked toilet could suggest complications with the main plumbing line, which might be resolved by draining it, or it could point to more substantial problems. There might be a significant obstruction in the line or an underground interference. If the tenant addresses the clog but the problem reoccurs, it could signify a larger issue.

Water Heaters

In case the water heater of your rental property fails, you can be certain that you will be notified promptly. No one prefers a chilly bath. Swapping out the entire system could require substantial funds, but it’s also likely that the issue is minor, like reigniting the pilot light or changing a heating element. In any case, involve a professional to check the rental property before concluding that it’s irreparable. Additionally, it’s advisable to engage a professional for yearly upkeep of your water heater, which might include draining the water to remove any sediment accumulation.


Owning a rental property inevitably comes with occasional challenges. It’s wise to have a contingency fund in place, enabling swift action when these difficulties present themselves. Neglecting such issues can lead to heftier expenses in the future. Regular maintenance and necessary repairs of your property preserve its value and help decrease your long-term operational expenses.

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