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5 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Have you reached that point in your kitchen’s life cycle where it’s time for a change, a fresh look—yet not quite into wholesale renovation territory? If you’re nodding, then you’re likely considering one of the most transformative yet cost-effective visual upgrades: a fresh coat of paint on those tired old cabinets. But the question remains: What’s the perfect shade that will breathe new life into your culinary haven, uplifting the space in a style that uniquely embodies both sophistication and personal flair?

Home to a vast palette of shades, Benjamin Moore paints are renowned for their quality and distinctive vibrancy. Whether you’re a DIY-enthusiast hunting for that perfect hue or an interior designer on the lookout for inspiration, choosing the right paint color is no easy feat. Fear not, as we journey into five Benjamin Moore colors that are the crème de la crème for those busy hive spots of your home: the kitchen cabinets.

1. White Dove (OC-17): A Serene Classic

White Dove transcends the barrier of time, consistently landing on the lists of top interior paint colors. It’s no wonder—this off-white hue isn’t just another cream or ivory. It’s a timeless choice for those who want to create a space that feels inviting, airy, and, above all, clean.

On kitchen cabinets, White Dove’s soft warmth maintains a classic look that pairs beautifully with a range of kitchen styles, from traditional country to sleek modern. Its undertones of gray and yellow are just enough to provide depth without overpowering. If a welcoming, all-year-round sunny touch is what you seek, White Dove is the answer.

2. Chantilly Lace (OC-65): Crisp Elegance

A name that evokes layers of intricacy, Chantilly Lace delivers the quintessential stark-white look with a subtle twist. Unlike a clinical or sterile white, Chantilly Lace exudes warmth. On kitchen cabinets, its brilliant luminescence can make spaces appear larger, especially in kitchens with limited natural light.

As a purely clean and clear color, Chantilly Lace symbolizes a fresh start and blends seamlessly with both modern kitchen settings and those that nod to classical elegance. Pair it with muted pastels or bold, high-contrast tones to reflect your personal style and create a space that remains charmingly ornate yet refreshingly uncomplicated.

3. Hale Navy (HC-154): Nautical Sophistication

For those who yearn to take a plunge into something deeper, Hale Navy offers the warm elegance of a coastal evening. This deep, moody blue can turn any ordinary kitchen setting into an extraordinary space brimming with character. Hale Navy’s inviting richness works well with light countertops and metallic finishes, infusing your kitchen with an air of luxury.

When used with metallic hardware or as the backdrop for glass cabinet inserts, Hale Navy takes on a chic, modern appeal. In contrast, its deep pigment against white walls can create a striking, high-contrast look. If you’re aiming for a kitchen that’s the talk of your guests, sail on with Hale Navy.

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4. Kendall Charcoal (HC-166): Urban Edge

Kendall Charcoal marries the practicality of a neutral with the strength of a modern statement. On kitchen cabinets, it provides a sophisticated backdrop to all your culinary adventures. Its cool undertones complement stainless steel and other modern appliances, making it a go-to color for industrial urban-style kitchens.

Kendall Charcoal is more than just a trend—it’s an enduring ode to the beauty of contrasts. Combine it with light-colored walls for a sharp, contemporary appeal, or balance it with warm wood accents for a more organic richness. Whatever your style, this deep rich color provides the perfect foundation for a kitchen that’s as stylish as it is functional.

5. Coventry Gray (HC-169): Simple Sophistication

Sometimes, the understated charm is the most compelling. Coventry Gray is an example of a color that exudes quiet sophistication, perfect for those who desire a subdued yet stylish kitchen atmosphere. Its cool, nearly earthy undertones can add a sense of balance to warm wood or stone countertops, providing a canvas for a timeless, monochromatic look.

On shaker-style cabinets or in open shelving, Coventry Gray underscores clean lines and a sense of order without feeling sterile. It’s a tranquil choice for the heart of your home, helping to create a peaceful space where one can work, dine, and entertain with grace and ease.

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