4 Types of Kitchens That Are Perfect for Shaker Style Cabinets


Kitchens have evolved so much in the last few years. The decor and appliances have improved, making kitchens not only bigger but also more versatile when it comes to the type of design that you can apply. If you want a kitchen that will make your friends and family feel comfortable and entertained, then a shaker-style kitchen is for you. This style can be built in many different ways, it can be adapted to fit the needs of your home perfectly. Here are four types of kitchens that are perfect for shaker-style cabinets. 




Traditional kitchens are versatile and designed for functionality. They aren’t too different from the kitchens you might have grown up with, so they do blend in nicely to warmer settings. Their main feature is a clean design style, warm colors, and natural materials. 


These kitchens are also very easy for homeowners to update their look by changing the countertops. Shaker cabinets in these kitchens are incredibly versatile and can be made from a wide range of different materials, including wood, metal, stone, and more. In traditional kitchens, shaker cabinets provide more storage space, which is perfect for those of us who love cooking but may not have room for a huge pantry. 






Modern kitchens may be even more fitting for this type of design. They are characterized by bright colors, clean lines, and often include stainless steel appliances. 


Modern country styles have a refined character to them that will keep traditional elements in the space. Using shaker-style cabinets will help modernize the kitchen while keeping a country feel. Modern shaker-style cabinets are simple square-shaped boxes, with flat fronts that have recessed panel doors.






Eclectic kitchen is a great choice for shaker-style cabinets, as the style is all about mixing materials and colors. They are often bright and colorful, which is why white cabinets are ideal. They will look very different in a room that is already filled with bright colors. A shaker-style kitchen will stand out, but it won’t be the only focal point of your room.






Rustic homes have kitchens set out to achieve the appearance of simplicity, practicality, and functionality without going overboard on decoration or detail. Some common features found in rustic decor include:


– Hardwood floors


– Stone countertops


– Raw wood ceiling beams


Shaker cabinets in rustic kitchens are one of the most popular design styles. Straight clean horizontal and vertical lines give these a unique appearance. Usually, they’re combined with traditional-style furniture for an added rustic touch. 



Shaker cabinets are the most cost-effective option in the market. They look simple, clean, and elegant, are easy to take care of, and they fit perfectly with any style. Find some high-quality shaker cabinets at wholesale prices, and you’re good to go. You’ll have a high-functioning kitchen for decades.  


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