4 Myths About Kitchen Cabinets You Should Completely Ignore

When we say myths, we usually think of Greek or Norse mythology. But did you know that myths are also part of our everyday lives? What are myths anyway? 


According to Britannica, myth is a symbolic narrative, usually of unknown origin and at least partly traditional, that ostensibly relates actual events. These myths are usually misleading, and they can hugely impact your everyday life. When it comes to kitchens, these bad guys can lead you away from your dream kitchen. 


Because we know you’ve already heard them, consciously or subconsciously, in this article we will debunk the most common myths about kitchen cabinetry and kitchen design. After you read it, kitchen remodeling myths will be powerless to influence your next kitchen project.


MYTH NO. 1 – You need a hired expert


Just leave it to the expert! We’re sure you’ve heard this one many times before. And we’re here to tell you – it’s wrong! 


If you are not willing to pay pricey rates to the interior designer, there is no need for it. End of discussion. There are many ways you can do your kitchen remodel all by yourself, or even with the consultation of a professional, for free! There are only three steps. First, you want to find a good company that will supply you with some high-quality products. Second, you want to see for yourself how it would look before consulting a professional. You can use this link for free 3D kitchen design. And third, if you like your 3D design, it’s time to reach out to the professional. You will do this by sending an email to info@nelsonkb.com or calling 832-998-6598. Congratulations! You just DIY-ed your kitchen with a professional!



MYTH NO. 2 – Custom cabinets are essentially better


It’s important to know that custom cabinets are supposed to fill a tiny or unusually shaped space in your kitchen or to be a substitute for a cabinet that is not in stock. And they might have been popular in the past, but today the market is full of different styles, finishes, and sizes of cabinets that look great and also are high-quality. For example, a simple drawer base varies from 12” to 36”.


Stock cabinets are good value, they look great and the best thing is that they can be delivered to your home in a week or two. Custom cabinets could take months to be finished and delivered.


There is also one more thing to keep in mind. If you decide to customize a big part of your kitchen, think about changing trends and will your customized cabinets be useful in two or three years. 



MYTH NO. 3 – Replacement is more expensive than refacing


Just because it looks more expensive does not mean it is more expensive. Refacing your cabinets may not be low-cost as it may seem. Refacing often costs the same or more than replacing cabinets. Everything depends on the type of cabinets you decide to go for. Keep in mind that refacing your cabinets means only temporary repair and that you will eventually have to replace them. Is it better to spend once or twice on the same thing?



MYTH NO. 4 – Hardware is not important


In case you haven’t noticed yet, we at Nelson Cabinetry promote only high quality. Whether you decide to do it yourself or with our professional help, we want you to know that high-quality pays off. Hardware is not an exception. Make sure you invest in some good-quality knobs and pulls, ones that will not be prone to damage. 


We are also here to remind you that your style is your style and your kitchen is your kitchen. We encourage you to combine pulls and knobs the way you like, and not the way trends may impose.


If you need some inspiration, here is an amazing article you don’t want to miss: https://nelsonkb.com/understanding-kitchen-hardware-pulls-and-knobs/ 


Myths about kitchen cabinetry will not disappear overnight. They will remain as long as people decide to follow trends and be told what to do. We encourage you to take action and be yourself – to do your research, to decide for yourself and to choose whatever you like. And on top of that, we offer you professional help in case you need or want it. Reach us anytime, our customer care service is available 24 hours a day. Visit our website on
www.nelsonkb.com, send us an email at info@nelsonkb.com, or call us at 832-998-6598. We would be more than happy to help you design your dream kitchen!