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4 Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for 2022

Every year has its distinctive style trends, and the New Year is the time to check in with the experts to find out what the specific looks will be for the upcoming year. Some designs, such as the classic Shaker kitchen cabinet, are always in style. On the other hand, kitchen colors, lighting, and even layouts tend to come in and out of fashion, and then come back into fashion again in a slightly different form decades later. When revamping your kitchen, it’s always wise to strike a balance between timeless and trendy. Below, we list the top 4 kitchen cabinet ideas for 2022. 


What Are New Kitchen Cabinet Ideas?

Multiple Islands


Kitchen islands owe their initial popularity to their versatility – they can serve as a kitchen prep surface, dining area, and storage center all at once – and these days homeowners are looking for even greater flexibility in their arrangement options. Especially in situations where parents and kids are finding themselves on Zoom calls from the kitchen, having multiple kitchen islands just provides as much surface area as possible. You can easily create the perfect kitchen island (or islands!) by combining cabinets.



The Idea of Multipurpose Open Kitchen Shelves


If you’re looking for a combination of clean lines and attractive accents, you can go for a mixture of traditional wall cabinets with doors together with open shelves. Open kitchen shelves have traditionally been mainstays for displaying plants, artwork, and vases, but these days kitchens also serve as offices and classrooms, where it’s handy to have several items within easy reach. They also work great for arranging backgrounds for Zoom calls, too. 



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What Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Are Making a Comeback? 



People are spending a lot more time around the house as an increasing number of us are working from home. This also means that we’re eating at home a lot more, and the need for extra food storage has also gone up. This can explain why the pantry cupboard, which used to be a more common kitchen feature when people wanted to store food more because it was less convenient to go pick up groceries from the store, is making a comeback in American kitchens this year. By organizing your pantry strategically, you can stock up on your essentials and minimize your grocery trips.



Clever Storage Is a Clever Idea!

There’s an increased interest in 2022 in kitchen features that can do double duty, especially when it comes to storage. One such possibility is the kitchen island, as discussed above, and another is a breakfast nook, which can also be created by putting kitchen cabinets together. The best types for these are bridge wall cabinets, which are designed to go over the refrigerator but come in different sizes and can be used as banquette seating while also offering clever, out-of-the-way storage.


What’s Out?

The Idea of Open Concept Kitchens


The pandemic has meant that we’ve been spending a lot more time at home than ever before and that different spaces have had to take on new functions. This is especially true because so many people are working from home, and a lot of office spaces have had to be made from closets, spare rooms, or even the kitchen! With space at a premium within the home, it’s no wonder that Forbes Magazine anticipated that the pandemic would usher out the era of the open concept kitchen. People are increasingly attuned to the need for privacy within the home, and this means that dividing up spaces according to their separate functions has been a sign of the times.


The idea of open concept kitchens is not so popular due to Covid reasons


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