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4 Most Affordable Ways You Can Use Mirrors in Your Kitchen

Is hanging a mirror in the kitchen a bad idea? No, it’s not. It’s a great idea.

Placing a carefully chosen mirror in your kitchen can visibly increase your space and add more light to your kitchen. If it’s well placed, it can visually double the size of the room. It will give it a touch of glamour, boost brightness and add a sense of depth. With different sizes and shapes, you can relatively easily, in an inexpensive way, improve your kitchen. So, we found 4 of the most affordable ways you can use mirrors in your kitchen and gave you amazing reasons why you should do it. Enjoy!


1. Behind Your Stove

Putting a mirror behind your stove is a smart way to keep an eye on your kids while you’re cooking or to look at your friends while chatting and cooking. If this mirror reflects the yard, even better! This will create an illusion of more outdoor space in your room. For the full effect combining the mirror with the large windows would be the best. But, if that’s not possible, there are some other benefits of a mirror behind your stove. It will protect the wall and at the same time will brighten the dark corner of your kitchen. 


P.S. Make sure you use special tempered glass that will withstand high temperatures.


2. Behind the Sink

This mirror over kitchen sink trend is not new – it was popular even in the ‘70s! Installing a mirror behind the sink is great for reflecting light, especially in small or dark kitchens. Mirrors will easily turn them into bright and comfortable places to cook, work and socialize. And if your kitchen is bigger, if there are cabinets at the opposite side of the mirror, it will give an effect of a bright, high-end, luxury kitchen. Just make sure your cabinets are a good investment so your kitchen looks and feels more comfortable.


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3. On the Cabinet Doors

Mirrors on your cabinet doors will be small but will do a great job. They will maximize the light reflection and very easily give you the impression that your space is larger and more open. This is something you can do by yourself. Invest in high-quality affordable shaker cabinets, and then put some mirrors on them. Use them to the fullest and add a visual depth to your kitchen. Mirrors on the cabinet doors are especially popular in smaller corridor kitchens. 

P.S. Make sure you don’t place your mirrors opposite each other because it will, according to Feng Shui, interfere with the peaceful atmosphere you need in your kitchen. For more information about Feng Shui in your kitchen here is an amazing article you should read.


4. Traditional Style

Another style you can do by yourself is a traditional one. If you don’t want to invest in high-quality mirrors, you can always choose an inexpensive version of a simple wall-hung or freestanding mirror. Firstly, it will add more brightness and elegance to your kitchen. Secondly, it will open up the room and give it a larger look. If you use, for example, a freestanding mirror with a golden frame, your white kitchen cabinets will look even more outstanding. And if you choose the right and high-quality cabinets, everything else in the kitchen will look expensive.


The moral of the story is: think carefully about investing in your kitchen decorating before you do it. There are some other options, like mirrors, that are not very traditional but do a better job for your kitchen than the usual ones. Choose smart, and not just good-looking options for your kitchen. 



Now, you probably wonder if there are some other smart options for investing in your kitchen decoration. Don’t worry. In the next article, we’ll dive into another way you can do that. 



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