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3 Tips for Home Staging Your Outdoor Living Space

So, are you thinking about selling your home, or do you just want to make your outdoor space the neighborhood envy? Well, as you already know, home staging is usually needed for real estate pictures of the interior. You might be thinking of neutral furniture, neutral colors for your bathroom, or even a statement color; that happens, too. But usually, it’s basic enough so homebuyers can envision themselves/ 


But it helps with the exterior, too. You might think home staging is just for the inside, but your outdoor area deserves some love, too! Alright, so there’s actually a lot that goes into it, more than just some landscaping and placing a couple of potted plants down. 


There’s a lot more. It’s the same concept as it is for your interior; it’s neutral so people can envision themselves in the space, and it’s neutral to the point that all the nice features are noticeable. So, with that all said, a well-staged outdoor space can be a game-changer, making your home more appealing and potentially boosting its value. Here’s how to make the magic happen!

Why Your Outdoor Space Matters

First impressions are everything, and your outdoor space is the first thing people see. Just think about it this way: it’s like the appetizer before a delicious meal; you want it to be inviting and appetizing. An outdoor space that’s well-designed and maintained signals that the rest of the house is equally cared for. Plus, with more people valuing outdoor living areas for relaxation, entertaining, and even working from home, a beautiful patio or garden can be a significant selling point. 



Now, this may seem obvious enough, but go on Zillow, and you’ll find that there’s hardly any home staging done to the exterior of these homes; they’re just bland! Now it’s up to you if you want to hire a homestager or not, but regardless, a boring home isn’t going to help! 

Creating a Clean Canvas

Before you start adding elements to your outdoor space, let’s talk about cleaning. It might not be glamorous, but it’s crucial. Start with a good power wash of your patio, deck, or pathways. This can make a huge difference and give everything a fresh look. Don’t forget to clean your outdoor furniture, too. So, that means you’ll want to get started on scrubbing down tables, chairs, and cushions. If anything looks too worn, consider replacing or updating it.

It’s All in the Furniture

So, this one might seem the most easiest; it’s just using what you already have, right? Well, sure, sometimes, that can work. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. If you have cheap furniture that’s falling apart, then you’re not selling the dream that the house has to offer. 


But if you have high-quality USA made outdoor furniture that’s in perfect condition, then yes, you can definitely count on selling the idea and the dream that the home can provide. It’s the same for decor too; it can’t be cheap, and it can’t be broken. Everything needs to be high quality, and yes, that goes for cushions, throws, and rugs too. All these big and small details add up in creating this idea of a perfect home. 

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