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These 3 Kitchen Cabinets Are A Must-Have in a Modern Kitchen




It’s great when kitchen cabinetry design changes and becomes better, more practical, and more efficient. Having an ally in the kitchen that works with you and makes your life easier is the ultimate goal. That’s why every kitchen lover should have these 3 kitchen cabinets.




Back in the day, a kitchen was a place with random appliances and countertops, aesthetically plain and disorganized. A room in the back reserved for one cook is how it started. But a modern kitchen is everything but that. It’s a place where we cook and hang out with guests welcome to join in. 


Base cabinets are great and without them, we’d have a serious problem with storage. Plus, they are a great source of counter space. And wall cabinets can make any kitchen look pretty and complete. But what about kitchen cabinets that offer more than storage and looks? These three are my favorites:



Base Waste Basket Cabinet


waste cabinet
Image Source: Nelson Cabinetry


A single standing waste can is a matter of the past. Having a beautiful kitchen with a solitary waste taking up unnecessary floor space is a no-go in modern living. Homeowners with pets have learned this lesson the hard way but luckily, there’s a solution-even a double one. You can hide a trash can in the kitchen!


If you haven’t opted for a wastebasket cabinet yet, be sure to look into it when you start your kitchen renovation. You can pick a cabinet that has space for one or two trash cans. Our advice is to pick a double option because, in a year or two, you’ll be glad you did. Having space for both recycling and trash makes everything easier. And if you place the waste base cabinet strategically, it will serve as an ideal time saver when cooking or cleaning. 


If your kitchen is large, you could install 2 wastebaskets: one close to the dishwasher and the other one built into an island.



Lazy Susan Corner Base Cabinet


lazy susan
Image Source: Nelson Cabinetry


A time when we didn’t know what to do with corners in the kitchen is a thing of the past. Depending on the layout, an L or U-shaped kitchen is a start to countless kitchen design possibilities. And for that, you will need a corner base cabinet or lazy susan. Dead space within a kitchen cabinet is not on the table anymore. The need for optimal storage inspired creative minds to figure out a solution. The purpose of the corner cabinet explains itself – but what about lazy or Susan?


Lazysusanfurniture.co.uk says that Lazy Susan is: “A rotating circular tray that helps moving food around to everyone sitting at the table.” 


A team of researchers at wiseGEEK.com believe the following: “Thomas Jefferson invented the lazy Susan in the 18th century. The belief is that Jefferson invented the lazy Susan because of his daughter. She complained she was always served last at the table and, as a result, never found herself full when leaving the table.”


The Lazy Susan cabinet is really useful and gives us storage in places we couldn’t count on before. Opting for this type of kitchen cabinet will give you a lot of extras without breaking the bank. Nelson Cabinetry offers discounts on their kitchen collections and a flat rate shipping fee: $399.



The Spice Rack Cabinet


spice rack
Image Source: Nelson Cabinetry


Using spices while cooking is a good start to becoming a real chef. Different food flavors and exotic spices are easier than ever to incorporate into your daily meals. Even those meals you can prepare in 30 minutes sometimes need a little magic and having your spices organized helps a lot. A spice rack cabinet can store everything in one easy-to-access space while keeping the spices sheltered from heat and light exposure. Fast, smart, and efficient is what we’re always aiming for. And it looks great, doesn’t it?






With changes in lifestyles and technology, it’s only natural that our kitchens have come a long way from what they were in the past. A kitchen should work along with you, making your daily kitchen activities easier and more practical than ever before. Luckily, cabinet manufacturers are working on solutions to make our kitchen experiences optimal. From corner base cabinets or lazy susan to the spice rack, we are living in exciting times.

All three kitchen cabinets offer that little something extra and that’s why they get bonus points from us. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds and what cabinet manufacturers are going to offer us next. 






And if you’re having doubts about your kitchen and its possibilities, try out our free 3D kitchen design.

We can make sure you’ll get the best kitchen plan with the 3 must-have,

kitchen cabinets we discussed above.





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